Zilliqa Monthly Newsletter — Oct 2022

Zilliqa Monthly Newsletter — Oct 2022

What an October it's been!

DeFi is ramping up as new pools were introduced on both the CarbSwap DEX and XCAD DEX, while PredictionDEX's whitepaper is on track to being published, setting the stage for predict-to-earn on Zilliqa. Tyron also introduced their first NFTs on the Zilliqa blockchain.

On the gaming side of things, Zilliqa headed back home to Gamescom Asia where we connected with developers and players alike, and also gave them a taste of WEB3WAR, which is now in an always-on open beta.

Check out our highlights from October.

Take a look at what’s been going on within Zilliqa’s vibrant ecosystem.

Metapolis To Launch MGenesis
Metapolis is set to launch MGenesis, the first themed gamified world. Only 5,000 dome and land parcels are up for grabs, so join the whitelist and don’t miss out!

Tyron Publishes Q3 Report & Introduces NFTs On Zilliqa
The team at Tyron reached several milestones in October, publishing their Q3 report and sharing updates to their DeFi system. They also introduced their first NFTs on Zilliqa mainnet, which can be minted with users’ SSI.

Okipad And Football Junkz To Launch World Cup Bingo
Okipad announced it will collaborate with NFT game Football Junkz to launch World Cup Bingo, a game honoring the 2022 World Cup. More information will be shared by Football Junkz soon.

XCAD Network Announces A New Staking Pool
Our friends at XCAD Network announced a new XCAD single asset staking pool on Zilliqa. Staking is now available at the XCAD DEX.

Package Portal App Wins Bronze Award At IAA 2022 Vega Digital Awards
Package Portal’s mobile app took home the Bronze award at the IAA 2022 Vega Digital Awards. The app was re-designed by WONDR with the aim of improving customer experience and incentivising user engagement.

Soulless Citadel Sells Out NFTs From Its Women Warriors Collection
Congratulations to Soulless Citadel for selling out the second chapter of their Women Warriors NFT collection in their Cinematic Universe.

CarbLabs Adds New Pools On CarbSwap DEX
More new pools will be introduced on the CarbSwap DEX as the team works on building up liquidity. Check out the new pools here.

Ignite DAO Shares Latest Torch Wallet Updates
The development of Torch Wallet is progressing rapidly and final testing for instant un-staking, ledger integration, and more is approaching. See the full set of updates here!

Dr Death’s NFT Art To Be Featured At BAYC Bar In London
A huge round of applause to Dr Death following the news that their NFT art will be featured at the Bored Ape Yacht Club bar in London.

PredictionDEX Shares Snippet Of Ecosystem
Take a look at the PredictionDEX ecosystem to find out how fees, rewards, and revenue are calculated and generated.

Zilkroad’s NFT Marketplace Released on Public Testnet On Halloween
Zilkroad’s upcoming NFT marketplace, built on Zilliqa, was released on public testnet on Halloween.

LunarCrush Introduces New Live Dashboard
Level 5 users on LunarCrush will now enjoy a new real-time dashboard that enables them to monitor and make trades on what’s trending. Learn more here.

Heroes Of Lowhelm Shared Game Updates
Check out the latest game updates from the Heroes of Lowhelm in this video.

Forbidden Verse Gives Sneak Peek Of Upcoming Merch
Get a glimpse at the upcoming merch designs from Forbidden Verse.

Zolar NFT Releases Mission II: The Right To Bear Arms
Zolar released its newest adventure with Mission II: The Right To Bear Arms. Users can now pick professions for their Metazoas, embark on quests, and pick up boosters at the ZOMG store.

Soulless Citadel Now Supports Fiat For Secondary NFT Sales
Exciting news from Soulless Citadel - NFTs can now be purchased on the secondary market with either $ZIL or USD.


Scilla Optimisation Challenge
We issued an open challenge and the Zilliqa community stepped up! The Scilla Optimisation Challenge called on Scilla devs to identify issues within a smart contract, elaborate on why it needs to be changed, and propose solutions to improve upon it.

Three lucky winners walked away with prizes, with the top prize amounting to $1,000 USD worth of $ZIL!

Improving Zilliqa’s Network Decentralisation
Mauro Medda, our Head of DevOps, penned a blogpost detailing upcoming plans and proposals to strengthen the resilience and performance of the Zilliqa mainnet. The long-term goal is to build an L1 blockchain that can offer greater levels of decentralisation without requiring as many miners.

Read the blog post here.


Talking Tokenomics With Vlad & Kevin
Well-designed tokenomics go a long way. Vlad and Kevin got together to discuss various mechanisms such as minting, burning, rebasing and more — which must work together to create sustainable tokenomics and success for DAOs, GameFi, and DeFi.


Staffing Changes At Zilliqa
Several changes took place within Zilliqa in October. Matt Dyer, our Chief of Staff was promoted to the role of interim CEO after Ben Livshits announced that he would be stepping down. The board is now in the process of engaging a new permanent CEO.

At the same time, Mark Hemsley was appointed as the company's Chairman of the Board. He joined Zilliqa following a three-year tenure as President of Cboe Europe and Executive Vice President of Cboe Global Markets – one of the world's largest and most prominent exchange holding companies.

SSNs & Staking Commission Structures
We recently outlined some adjustments to the changes in staking commission structures. From November 1, some SSNs will begin to implement a minimum commission rate of 4%. The change was made at the request of, and to support smaller SSN operators in the ecosystem that rely on commission fees to maintain their nodes and remain active on the network.

Learn more about these changes here.


Zilliqa At Gamescom Asia
Zilliqa returned to Singapore for Gamescom Asia after a successful showing at Gamescom Europe.

The team was down at Suntec City Convention Centre from 20 - 23 October, where they connected with developers, strengthened partnerships, exchanged ideas, and showed the world how groundbreaking #Web3 gaming is. They also had a playable build of WEB3WAR for attendees to try out.

Zilliqa Announces Native Web3 Gaming Console

We announced the launch of our very own hardware gaming console in September. The console is a comprehensive all-in-one Web3 device that integrates a Web3 Gaming Hub in addition to offering mining capabilities and an embedded crypto wallet.

Early access to the Gaming Hub for beta testing will become available in October, while pre-orders for the console are anticipated to launch in Q1 2023.
Read more here.


Going From Public Beta Test Weekends #1 & #2 To Always-On
We opened W3W to the public, beginning with two beta test launches over two weekends before transitioning to an always-on beta, and it’s been a success to say the least!

1,300+ players from across more than 100 countries joined the battle on the first weekend, and by the time we went to an always-on open beta, there were 752 registered accounts with 230 logins.

If you’ve not taken part yet, what are you waiting for? Start playing now!

  1. Downloading the Gaming Hub from http://w3w.game
  2. Install on PC (Windows only for now)
  3. Register & play

Learnings From W3W Weekend #1
The first iteration of the public test launch provided us with heaps of critical insights that we compiled inside a Twitter thread. Read them all here!

Valentin Speaks To CryptoSlate About His Vision For Web3 Gaming
Valentin Cobelea, our Head of Gaming Technology spoke to CryptoSlate last month to discuss his vision and approach to creating Web3 games.

He shares that the gameplay experience is his focus, and that it’s important to create fun games that players genuinely enjoy and can earn rewards from, rather than games where the sole value proposition is the promise of earning tokens.

Read the full interview here.


ZILHive Student Practicum
If you’re looking to kickstart your Web3 career or make a move into the space, the latest edition of the ZILHive Student Practicum may be your ticket in. Applications are open through to 25 Nov and begin on 5 Dec.
Sign up now.