Zilliqa opens to institutional investors through integration with Fireblocks

Fireblocks, the market-leading infrastructure provider for enterprise-grade digital asset management, has added support for the Zilliqa blockchain. 

Zilliqa opens to institutional investors through integration with Fireblocks

Fireblocks, the market-leading infrastructure provider for enterprise-grade digital asset management, has announced that it has added support for the Zilliqa blockchain. 

This integration allows the institutional and enterprise users of Fireblocks to manage, store, and issue tokens and other digital assets on the high-throughput, highly secure Zilliqa network via the platform’s easy-to-use console and API.

Fireblocks is a multi-party computation (MPC) custody provider that allows enterprise and institutional clients to securely and efficiently purchase and transact digital assets across a range of supported blockchain platforms.

Zilliqa joins the growing number of EVM-compatible networks supported by the platform, opening up new opportunities for enterprise partnerships built upon the scalable and secure Zilliqa blockchain.

Through its native EVM compatibility, Zilliqa has implemented support for popular wallets such as MetaMask and developer tools such as Hardhat, significantly growing its user base and allowing developers to more easily build powerful multi-chain applications.

Now that Fireblocks has added support for Zilliqa, its customers will be able to store ZIL tokens in their Fireblocks Vault and transfer ZIL over the Fireblocks Network, allowing ZIL to be easily and safely transacted between enterprise customers.

Zilliqa’s integration into Fireblocks also opens the door to the institutional adoption of the network via the possibility of integration with solutions deployed by Fireblocks customers with significant existing user bases.

With this announcement built on the expanded EVM compatibility of the Zilliqa network, the way is open for major investors and enterprises to get involved in the exciting and growing Zilliqa ecosystem.

What institutional and enterprise access means for Zilliqa

Zilliqa ’s integration with Fireblocks open an accessible and secure avenue for institutional and enterprise-grade finance to reach applications and businesses building in the Zilliqa ecosystem, from investing in DeFi protocols to adding Zilliqa support within existing Web3 applications.

“The integration of our network with Fireblocks marks a pivotal moment for Zilliqa, granting institutional and retail investors seamless access to our high-throughput, secure and easy-to-use blockchain network,” said Zilliqa CEO Matt Dyer.

“This collaboration opens doors for everyone from end-users to financial institutions to explore and invest in the innovative and growing list of opportunities within the Zilliqa ecosystem, further fueling its growth and development.”

Dyer added that the strategic decision to integrate with Fireblocks unlocks massive new opportunities for the network by making it easier than ever for high-profile institutional platforms to add support for Zilliqa.

This enthusiasm was echoed by Fireblocks Managing Director for Financial Markets Stephen Richardson, who celebrated the integration of the Zilliqa EVM network.

“We are thrilled to be expanding Fireblocks’s multi-blockchain support to include Zilliqa EVM,” Richardson said. 

“Fireblocks supports over 50 blockchains and the leading token standards for Web3 and NFTs, and Zilliqa's integration presents new opportunities for institutional collaboration that leverages the capabilities of Zilliqa's ecosystem.”

Fireblocks serves thousands of financial institutions and has secured the transfer of over $4 trillion in digital assets. Its customers include high-profile companies such as Revolut, Worldpay, Robinhood, eToro and Galaxy Digital.

By adding support for Zilliqa, Fireblocks provides these customers with access to an efficient and scalable network powering innovative business cases across a range of exciting industries, from fan loyalty and Web3 gaming to luxury asset tokenisation and spatial web technologies.

Zilliqa's integration with Fireblocks also allows luxury brands to securely and confidently tokenise high-value assets and create exclusive digital experiences, leveraging the scalable and secure Zilliqa network through the Fireblocks platform. This unlocks new approaches to digital asset management for major brands looking to create Web3-powered experiences for their customers.

In implementing EVM compatibility as part of a strategy to improve interoperability and adoption through multi-chain applications, the Zilliqa network laid the foundation for this and further partnerships that amplify its reach and expose the ecosystem to large, established user bases.

Integrating with Fireblocks also enables major fiat on-ramps, exchanges, and consumer-facing platforms to easily support Zilliqa, igniting renewed excitement in the network among retail investors and end-users.