Zilliqa Safe launched - Multi-signature wallets now available on Zilliqa EVM

We have partnered with Protofire to launch Zilliqa Safe, bringing the industry-leading multi-signature EVM wallet to the Zilliqa network.

Zilliqa Safe launched - Multi-signature wallets now available on Zilliqa EVM

The Zilliqa team has partnered with Protofire to launch Zilliqa Safe, bringing the industry-leading multi-signature EVM wallet to the Zilliqa network.

Zilliqa Safe, available at safe.zilliqa.com, is an instance of the Safe multi-signature wallet and smart account solution that preserves the technology stack’s renowned security and core functionality while incorporating Zilliqa branding and support for the Zilliqa EVM network.

By linking their MetaMask or other EVM wallet to Zilliqa Safe, companies, teams, or users on the Zilliqa network can secure their funds and other assets in a multi-signature smart account built on gold standard for on-chain digital asset security.

A multi-signature (multisig) wallet requires multiple private keys to authorise a transaction, enhancing security by reducing the risk of theft and mitigating single points of failure. Even if one key is compromised, an attacker cannot complete a transaction without the other keys. 

Additionally, multisig wallets aid asset recovery as they allow multiple parties to hold keys to the same account, allowing access if one key is lost. This shared control ensures no single party has unilateral control, making fund management and recovery more secure in collaborative environments.

The launch of Zilliqa Safe unlocks new opportunities for the growing Zilliqa EVM ecosystem, and lays the foundation for secure multi-user and dApp asset management as we roll out Zilliqa 2.0.

A secure multi-sig wallet for Zilliqa EVM

Often referred to as the gold standard for secure on-chain asset management, Safe is one of the most trusted decentralised custody protocols and collective asset management platforms in the world, and Zilliqa retains this famed security through its instance of the platform maintained by industry-renowned blockchain experts Protofire.

Safe is the smart contract wallet protocol trusted by the biggest projects in the EVM space, with more than 9 million accounts deployed and over $100 billion in assets secured. 

Through the launch of Zilliqa Safe, investors, businesses, and projects of all sizes can be comfortable securing their assets in a battle-tested multi-signature wallet built on Zilliqa EVM.

This announcement demonstrates the ongoing commitment of the Zilliqa network to multi-chain interoperability and improve EVM compatibility to grow adoption and accessibility. This strategy enables and has led to integrations with best-in-class applications and major, industry-standard solutions for maximum accessibility and reach.

As the Zilliqa network evolves into a new, customisable and user-friendly platform with the rollout of Zilliqa 2.0, EVM compatibility will remain a key focus, and the launch of Zilliqa Safe is a part of the scaffolding required to enable large-scale investment and the construction of new EVM dApps and projects on the blockchain.

Get started with Zilliqa Safe

To create your multi-signature wallet on Zilliqa EVM, you will first need to create an account using a compatible EVM wallet such as MetaMask.

Read more about creating a MetaMask wallet on Zilliqa EVM.

With your MetaMask wallet now created and connected to Zilliqa EVM, begin by navigating to Zilliqa Safe, and then follow the steps below:

  • Click on the Connect Wallet button and select MetaMask from the pop-up menu.
  • You should now see your Safe account list, which will be empty. Click Create Account.
  • Enter a name for your Safe account and click Next.
  • For a 1/1 account without multiple signers, simply enter the name of the main signer. To create a multisig account, click on Add Signer and supply an Address and Name for each signer you wish to add.
  • Choose the threshold for your multisig account (how many signers are required to authorise a transaction) and click on Next.
  • Review the account configuration details and click on Create.
  • Congratulations, you have successfully created a multisig Zilliqa EVM account using Zilliqa Safe!

From here, you can send and receive transactions as normal, and if you have set up multiple signers and configured a threshold, you will need the required number of signers to authorise a transaction before it can be validated.

Zilliqa Safe also includes a number of quality-of-life features, such as a transaction builder, address book, and two-factor authentication for added security.

Get started with the first Zilliqa EVM multisig wallet today at safe.zilliqa.com.