Zilliqa Community Update 25 June, 2019

— Celebrating New Collaborations

Greetings everyone,

Two years down, many more to go! The Zilliqa team spent the last week celebrating two things: our second birthday and the milestones we have enjoyed, and our future — which has never looked brighter. Now that we are now open for business, we have been keen for our friends — new and old — to apply blockchain to their business today, so we can create a valuable shift across industries tomorrow. As a step towards this direction, we unveiled two promising collaborations in our current pipeline — LongHash and Xfers.

We would love to tell you a bit more about them, how much value they bring to us, and why they are important to the blockchain ecosystem development.

5 key things you must know about the Zilliqa-Xfers Partnership

We have collaborated with Xfers, a fintech company for digital businesses, offering flexible payment products and solutions for personal and business needs.

  1. This partnership marks Zilliqa’s foray into the payments space, where we will be able to observe the impact that blockchain architecture can have on overall business efficiency and user experience. The end goal is to provide a regulated payment service powered by Zilliqa’s state-of-art-blockchain.
  2. Xfers works with over 500,000 enterprise clients such as Tunaikita, Julo as well as Payfazz and is also the platform of choice for top exchanges such as Binance.
  3. Xfers provides powerful application programming interfaces (APIs) and software development kits (SDKs) tools to businesses — helping them onboard, verify and pay their customers and vendors. Imagine how much more powerful it could be if this process was scalable, faster and more transparent, with Zilliqa’s smart contracts solution!
  4. Xfers is one of only five Singaporean companies that holds regulatory approval from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) to operate stored value facilities such as e-wallets. This regulated wallet provides a secure link between exchanges and banks.
  5. The bottom line is digital financial inclusion. With a Zilliqa blockchain-powered solution, Xfers can help drive equal opportunities and cost-saving solutions for digital businesses looking to set-up in the region. We are thrilled to be part of this!

ZILHive: Not just a programme, but a promise of what’s yet to come

We are collaborating with incubator Longhash on a 12-week accelerator program called ZILHive, which hopes to support entrepreneurs and developers grouped under the Innovation Track to build decentralised applications (DApps) on the Zilliqa platform with greater technical tutorship, mentorship, marketing guidance, and funding opportunities.

This project is important to us for several reasons, as detailed below:

  1. Paying it forward — As a visionary and ground-breaking project, Zilliqa feels a responsibility to help up-and-coming developers, entrepreneurs and visionaries to realise their valuable project ideas. We take this very seriously, and our USD 5 million ecosystem grant programme was created for precisely this reason. ZILHive marks a new phase for this programme. It is a louder call for innovation, and a bigger promise for support and guidance along the developer journey.
  2. Enriching the Zilliqa ecosystem — From the business perspective, with the full-fledged launch of our reliable and secure smart contract platform, we are so eager to see more and more projects building on Zilliqa to facilitate b-commerce. The #StakeWithZIL theme attached to this programme is our first experiment to enrich the Zilliqa ecosystem in the world of decentralised finance.
  3. Creating a trust-based ecosystem — ZILHive provides applicants with an extended network to draw inspiration from. These include some of our most successful grantees such as @moonlet_wallet (a wallet in the form of a browser extension), @ZenGo (a wallet that leverages cutting edge threshold cryptography), @unstoppableweb (a blockchain based domain registry service) and many others. These projects are a true illustration that it’s not just about funding — it’s about collaborating on a promising idea from the early stages, and watching it grow — and also a testament to the trust that developers placed on Zilliqa by choosing to build on us.
  4. A joint effort and vision makes this project stronger — Incubator LongHash not only understands but is well aligned with our vision and objectives. Their global network is invaluable and they can provide the right kind of guidance to project leaders, and connect them to entities who could help fund these projects beyond the seed stages.

Zilliqa In the News

Here is some of the most prominent coverage we’ve received on the smart contracts launch, and the recent partnership — including Finder, Tech In Asia & International Business Times and the Business Times.

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