Zilliqa Community Update 14 May 2019 — Driving Enterprise Adoption, Community Projects

Greetings everyone,

Over the past few months, Zilliqa has been focused on enhancing its usability to drive adoption and provide solutions to enterprises with diverse needs. This week’s community update — which gives you a glimpse into the recent developments — demonstrates our priorities very clearly.

A few months ago, Zilliqa announced that it will be partnering with global WPP advertising giant Mindshare’s to study the benefits of blockchain-based applications in the advertising industry through a programmatic ad campaign dubbed ‘Project Proton.’ Just to recap, the collaborators besides Zilliqa and Mindshare include:

  • MediaMathA leading digital media­ buying platform and services company serving over 250B ad impressions a day
  • Rubicon ProjectAn advertising exchange and an independent, publicly traded company on the NYSE)
  • Integral Ad Science (IAS): A global software company that builds verification, optimization, and analytics solutions, acting as leaders in viewability, brand safety and ad fraud
  • Underscore CLT: A cryptographic ledger developer solution which provides business solutions

Zilliqa provided Mindshare with a secure and efficient smart contract layer to enable secure-by-design smart contract programming and verification. Basically, by using inputs from all partners, Project Proton automates settlements based on viewability-verification methods, thereby enabling a business model in which advertisers are only required to pay for the ad impressions that have been deemed viewable, brand-safe and free from fraud.

The test run for Project Proton, which was organized for Mindshare client PepsiCo Southeast Asia, revealed a 28 % increase in supply chain efficiency. Part of the pilot was to test Zilliqa smart contracts’ potential to automate the programmatic supply chain. These smart contracts utilise a Native Alliance Token (NAT) to reconcile impressions from multiple payment/data sources in near real time! Such technology offers tremendous promises to business owners — lower costs, and a structured approach to transparency. We hope to further develop this seamless end-to-end technology and help revolutionise the advertising industry in the near future.

Here comes a new challenger!

SuperPlayer is a roguelike, pixel-themed game developed by Krypton, who are also developing a dapp browser and NFT marketplace on Zilliqa. SuperPlayer is all set to be launched on the Zilliqa platform! Stay tuned for upcoming developments.

MathWallet (@Mathwallet), which is a robust and secure universal crypto wallet extension enabling storage of crypto tokens — is now also supporting Zilliqa native mainnet tokens (ZIL), and will support Zilliqa-based dApps in future. MathWallet is supported on several platforms, including the Web, iOS, and Android.

Community updates

Zilliqa in the News

Exciting times! The long-awaited results of our first-ever live campaign as part of Project Proton for leading global FMCG corporation, PepsiCo were released earlier this week. Curious to learn more? The announcement was notably covered across outlets such as CoinDesk, Yahoo! Finance, CoinTelegraph, The Drum, and Campaign Asia.
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