Dr. Death showcases Zilliqa NFTs during Metaverse Fashion Week

Dr. Death is heading to Metaverse Fashion Week, where they will be showcasing an animation that features artwork from their Zilliqa-based 10K NFT collection.

Dr. Death showcases Zilliqa NFTs during Metaverse Fashion Week

Dr. Death is heading to Metaverse Fashion Week, where they will be showcasing an animation that features artwork from their Zilliqa-based 10K NFT collection.

Metaverse Fashion Week is a global Web3 fashion event held in Decentraland, showcasing digital fashion and artwork from high-profile fashion and luxury brands - including the likes of Dolce & Gabbana, Tommy Hilfiger, and DKNY - alongside independent artists.

Dr. Death’s exhibition will be hosted at the UFO venue in Decentraland’s Vegas City from March 28 - March 31, 2023. The coordinates for the event location are -118,83.

To mark the two-year anniversary of building within the Zilliqa ecosystem, Dr. Death will be launching a collection of NFTs from the Metaverse Fashion Week exhibition. Nine of these unique NFTs will be available on Rialto, a curated marketplace for digital assets minted on the Zilliqa blockchain.

We spoke to Dr. Death to find out more about their upcoming appearance at Metaverse Fashion Week and NFT drop, as well as the philosophy behind the project and why they choose to mint on Zilliqa.

Metaverse Fashion Week and NFTs

Metaverse Fashion Week is a unique opportunity for independent artists to feature alongside established fashion design labels, demonstrating the ability of tokenised artwork to raise the profile of independent digital artists.

The NFT drop that will be launched in celebration of Dr. Death’s appearance at the event will be inspired by the animation they have created to showcase during Metaverse Fashion Week.

Dr. Death’s 10K generative NFT collection - Order of the Redeemed -  entitles holders to exclusive benefits, including access to a private chat room to discuss the Mystery School of Philosophy and Critical Art Theory as well as exclusive access to a documentary series based on content voted for by the community.

10K NFTs are digital artwork collections that are generated through an algorithm based on visual traits. These are randomly generated and minted until the count of 10,000 digital assets is reached.

Selected holders of this 10K NFT collection will have their submitted NFTs featured in the project’s animation that will be exhibited in Decentraland during Metaverse Fashion Week.

“During Metaverse Fashion Week, Dr.Death will be exhibiting his new animation - ‘The Redemption of the Sacred Serpent’ - which incorporates the fashion design of his 10K NFT  collection, The Order of the Redeemed, showcasing the attention to detail of the traits. It’s more than just a PFP collection, it is couture fashion design,” Dr. Death says.

Dr. Death has created their first Decentraland wearable - “Tiara of the Noble Pilgrim” - for Metaverse Fashion Week.

“The wearable is one of the hat traits from The Order of the Redeemed and is available to purchase from Decentraland’s marketplace,” Dr. Death says.

Dr. Death is holding a competition for the chance to win one of the 10K NFTs that feature in the animation during Metaverse Fashion Week. To enter the competition, attendees must post an image to Twitter of their avatar wearing the “Tiara of the Noble Pilgrim” and tag @DrDeathCultClub.

Dr. Death is also working on producing an ongoing documentary series available exclusively to Order of the Redeemed 10K NFT holders.

“Every token holder is automatically enrolled into the mystery school as a ‘Keeper of the Knowledge’. Initiates have access to a private Telegram chat and a private portal granting access to the Order’s ongoing animated documentary series,” Dr. Death says.

“Episode content is voted on by holders, with episode one - ‘The Garden of Eden: The Snake’s Lost Tale’ - coming soon.”

Dr. Death invited The Cult Club and Zilliqa community to meet up in Decentraland during Metaverse Fashion Week to view their animation.

The philosophy of Dr. Death and minting on Zilliqa

The philosophy behind the Dr. Death project is one that centres on recurrent intra-personal patterns across the universe and human development.

“Dr. Death is a metaphorical name that represents transformation, renewal and revolution,” Dr. Death explains.

“Dr. Death is a 32,000-year-old shamanic spirit. He is rebirthing ancient wisdom in The Order of the Redeemed, his Web3 mystery school of philosophy and critical art theory. Enrolment into The Order is in the form of Dr. Death’s 10K NFT collection across Polygon and Zilliqa.”

“As the story goes, Dr. Death broke free from the cycle of life and death, surpassing into a new form. He now exists on a plane that sits between the physical world and the spiritual abstract. For thousands of years Dr.Death has gazed upon humanity, divinely intervening with the living who have correctly summoned him,” Dr. Death says.

“The more Dr. Death studied the world, its history, culture, art, philosophy, science and religion, he noticed universal recurrent patterns. These patterns and images, these emotional visions that we try to rationalise from our dreams, are intra-personal as they are spread across hundreds of thousands of years of human development.”

“This is what influences Dr. Death, and it is what he promotes through his work, the discovery and exploration of these patterns, the micro-macro, the above, the below and the chasm that lies in between,” Dr. Death says.

The team behind the Dr. Death project first encountered blockchain technology around seven years ago, and Zilliqa was among the first protocols they discovered.

“Zilliqa was one of the first cryptocurrencies we ever came across, and we were always interested in the idea of decentralised finance, the free market and open trade,” they explain.

“But we've never had the tools to implement that properly in society. Then suddenly we had decentralised financial tools that used blockchain technology to achieve exactly that. There are a lot of concepts within Zilliqa and crypto as a whole that we resonate with.”

Mainstream adoption of NFT artwork

Dr. Death believes that NFTs are powerfully beneficial for the art space due to their ability to empower independent artists with platforms that would be unavailable to them in the traditional art world.

They also see tokenised artwork penetrating further into the mainstream as more galleries and established art institutions recognise the benefits of NFTs and the metaverse, with Dr. Death having already featured at physical galleries in London, United Kingdom.

“Dr. Death was the first artist to exhibit and sell an NFT at the Saatchi Gallery, one of the biggest ‘traditional’ art galleries in London,” Dr. Death says.

“The NFT was a physical painting that sold for £9,000. This sale happened six months before the Saatchi gallery began selling NFTs themselves.”

“Since then, the gallery has been following Dr. Death on social media, and Dr. Death has some huge eyes on him including renowned NFT collectors 33NFT and Punk_2070.”

The team also has some exciting projects in the pipeline, including an initiative to raise funds through NFTs to restore a valuable landmark in London - the first case of NFTs being used to raise funds for repairs to a grade-1 listed building.

Tying all of this success, adoption and growth together is the underlying concept of the Dr. Death project - the pursuit of knowledge and universal truth to further humanity.

“Dr. Death’s objective is to create a social movement within Web3 to teach the mysteries that are all around us but kept secret by the mainstream narrative,” Dr. Death says.

“Dr.Death leads The Order of the Redeemed to gather those who are interested in learning and discussing knowledge of universal truths, esoteric wisdom and ancient history to aid mankind in entering an age of self-realisation, liberation and balance.”

To find out more about Dr. Death and join the Order of the Redeemed, visit the project’s official website.

Don’t forget to check out Dr. Death’s animation during Metaverse Fashion Week in Decentraland on March 28 - 31, 2023 and head to Rialto to get one of the new NFTs inspired by the animation.