Zilliqa’s dApps Now Listed On DappRadar

Developers building on Zilliqa now welcome to submit their dApps to DappRadar for consideration!

The Zilliqa ecosystem is teeming with projects and activity. DeFi, decentralised exchanges, marketplaces; you name it and we’ve got it. But having an abundance of dApps only goes so far if users don’t find the right ones that can turn them from holders to users. In fact, the smart user, who wishes to keep his or her activity and funds safe on-chain, should ideally cross-check the credibility of a dApp, ideally using a third-party platform which provides research and insights.

Today, we're pleased to announce that Zilliqa and DappRadar are now partners! With this partnership, the Zilliqa family and wider crypto community will have one more avenue to explore and track dApps built on Zilliqa! DappRadar is the global app store for dApps where users can track, analyse, and discover dApps, whether it’s NFTs, gaming or DeFi. You can think of it as the iStore for dApps.

See the full list of dApps here!

Expanding Awareness and Visibility

Integrating our ecosystem of dApps with DappRadar is a major step forward on two fronts. Firstly, it brings more eyes to the incredible projects being built and developed on Zilliqa. With over 2 million monthly site visitors, DappRadar will give us and our partners a huge boost in visibility and awareness.

Secondly, it helps to provide transparency that will empower individual users and institutions to make more informed decisions before committing to an investment. Having real-time analytics on which dApps attract the most trading volume, have the highest unique user wallet growth rates, or process the most transactions can give them a clearer idea of the dApp's growth trajectory and enable them to determine their next course of action.

This partnership is also a building block to support our push into the gaming space as DappRadar is one of the go-to destinations for finding and analysing blockchain games that are performing well or have the largest pool of players. When independent developers or gaming studios launch their games on Zilliqa, DappRadar will be an important source of insights that can help them refine their gaming or play-to-earn mechanics to make it more attractive and exciting.

Similarly, as we bring more products into our DeFi ecosystem, DappRadar will serve as a global platform that helps people discover new protocols, earning opportunities, and contribute to the overall growth of users on the Zilliqa network.

Zilliqa dApp rankings on DappRadar

The launch of our partnership with DappRadar is currently listing 15 dApps on Zilliqa across several categories, including DeFi and Exchanges, NFT collections, marketplaces, and games.

More dApps will be listed in time as the ecosystem expands.

Zilliqa for dApp developers

DappRadar is inviting dApp developers to submit their dApps to DappRadar, and help to create more visibility for the Zilliqa ecosystem on the platform.
If you’re interested to learn more about building on Zilliqa and the possibilities available, you can begin by checking out the Zilliqa developer docs.