Zilliqa Network Update Post-v9.3.0

Zilliqa Network Update Post-v9.3.0

We updated the Zilliqa Network to v9.3.0 on Tuesday; the upgrade on the day went smoothly and we’d like to thank our partners for their assistance.

The network has been producing blocks consistently since the upgrade, and transactions are being processed correctly.

With such a significant upgrade, it is expected that there will be some initial challenges, which we are actively addressing and resolving. If you are having an issue that you believe we are not aware of, please open a ticket on our Discord.

  1. API performance issues: After the upgrade, we had some API performance issues. These were resolved earlier in the week so please let us know if you are experiencing problems.
  2. Bridge service downtime: ZilBridge is experiencing some downtime and we are working closely with Switcheo (who maintain and develop ZilBridge) to resolve this. We believe the issue is a latent software bug that, on a chain upgrade, prevents the PolyNetwork/Zilliqa interface implemented by Switcheo from confirming the composition of the DS committee. This is not code Zilliqa have control over but we will continue to provide support to Switcheo and we suggest you refer to them directly for a timeline for resolution.
  3. Exchange integration delays: Some exchanges have reported issues post-update. We believe most of these issues have been addressed, although we are still awaiting feedback from some exchanges. In cases where specific issues are unique to an exchange, we are actively assisting with tailored solutions to ensure that they come back online as soon as possible.
  4. Mining and transaction challenges: Some mining pools have reported that they are experiencing difficulties, particularly with batch transactions. An API update intended to resolve these was recently deployed and we are closely monitoring its effectiveness. Additionally, we are aware of concerns regarding the rewards system; we believe that this is currently operating as approved by governance. We invite interested parties to contact us with feedback. Per governance proposal GP008 we are able to review the level of rewards in February and a report will be posted to github.com/zilliqa/zip at that time. 
  5. Node synchronization and startup issues: We’re aware that some SSN operators are experiencing difficulty syncing their nodes and we are working with them to resolve these on a case-by-case basis. If you are having these issues and are not already in contact, then please get in touch and we will assist you.
  6. Wallet transactions: There have been reports of transactions not reflecting in wallets, specifically with Exodus. We are working with the wallets concerned to address these. If you encounter any issues, please make us aware and we will attempt to contact the wallet developers to offer assistance. Please be assured that on-chain funds are safe. All transactions can be verified on viewblock.io/zilliqa.

Our Commitment to Resolution and Support

We are committed to resolving these issues and have mobilised our technical teams to provide support wherever needed. Our approach includes:

  • Direct support to partners and exchanges: We are in continuous communication with exchanges and partners to assist them in troubleshooting and resolving upgrade-related issues.
  • Regular updates and transparency: We will keep our community updated regularly. Your understanding and patience during this time are highly appreciated.
  • Open channels for feedback and reports: We encourage our users to report any anomalies they encounter by opening a ticket on our Discord. Your feedback is instrumental in helping us identify and address issues more efficiently.

Thank you for your continued trust in Zilliqa.