Zilliqa Monthly Newsletter — November 2021

We furthered our ambitions in becoming the blockchain-of-choice for the creator economy in November. With major upgrades to our NFT standards as well as groundbreaking partnerships and announcements, we’re quickly inching towards creating a platform that is built for creators.

Zilliqa Monthly Newsletter — November 2021

Hi all,

We furthered our ambitions in becoming the blockchain-of-choice for the creator economy in November. With major upgrades to our NFT standards as well as groundbreaking partnerships and announcements, we’re quickly inching towards creating a platform that is built for creators. Here’s a roundup on what we’ve been upto:

Major News and Announcements

TokenTraxx Partnership

Leading the way for major announcements was the TokenTraxx partnership! With an injection of $1.1million from Zilliqa and one of its co-founders Max Kantelia, Token Traxx is all set to build the music NFT platform on the Zilliqa blockchain.

TokenTraxx is a Music NFT platform that aims to democratise and incentivise the value chain of the music industry. From curators to creators and even consumers, TokenTraxx will open up opportunities for everyone to be rewarded for their passion in music. With industry heavyweights like Tommy Danvers, a multi-platinum winning producer and former Warner Music chairman Miles Leonard at its helm. The expertise provided by their team coupled with our blockchain’s capabilities will combine to form a harmonious partnership, elevating the music industry as a whole and changing the game for music lovers.

ZRC-6 NFT Standard release all set to fuel the creator economy!

The ZRC-6 NFT standard, which is a significant upgrade from the previous NFT standard ZRC-1, was released. Key features include the ability for creators to earn royalties from their NFT sales, giving them a consistent stream of income on future sales of their work as well as the ability to perform batch operations such as minting, burning and token transfers. This upgrade will enable various new possibilities for creators, helping us strengthen our proposition as being the choice blockchain for them!

The Zilliqa website gets a refreshed look!

We just released the much-anticipated revamped website! Designed with user-centricity in mind, we’ve created a space where crypto and non-crypto natives can easily onboard, discover and actually use what Zilliqa has to offer. With new features such as an ecosystem dashboard that provides in-depth and real-time metrics of dApps and overall activity on Zilliqa blockchain, there is plenty to do on the new site for both Zilliqans and newcomers! Check out the new-look website here.

The Fully-backed XIDR Indonesian Rupiah Stablecoin Launches on the Zilliqa Blockchain!

The launch of the fully-backed XIDR Indonesian Rupiah Stablecoin by StraitsX on the Zilliqa blockchain was yet another crucial update. The XIDR is the first Indonesian Rupiah stablecoin that is not issued by an exchange. It will be key in providing Indonesians (60% of whom are unbanked) with access to Decentralised Finance (DeFi) products. The ability to use the XIDR on the Zilliqa blockchain will enable them to engage in affordable, peer-to-peer commerce. We’re proud to be the blockchain that lowers the barriers to financial products and services with our affordable and rapid transactions.

Ecosystem Project Updates

DeMons Growth Report For September — November 2021 is out

DeMons released their growth report for the months of September to November. The report highlights their growth in the past months from team expansions, a project timeline to upcoming announcements. Check out the report to find out what’s coming up for DeMons!

PackagePortal is Making Waves!

One of our homegrown ZILHive grantees, PackagePortal, has been making waves in the past month. From running their own ads in Times Square to the launch of the v2 version of their app which includes staking. If you haven’t yet checked out the staking portal of PackagePortal, now’s the time. Click here for more.

BattleMechs $GEMZ Token Launch

BattleMechs, a play-to-earn game that is powered by Blox-SDK conducted a token launch for their in-game token $GEMZ. The token launch saw 288 participants and is now tradable on ZilSwap. BattleMechs is a promising project built on Zilliqa to look out for if you’re interested in play-to-earn games. Be sure to follow their Twitter for more updates and gameplay footage coming up!

ZilHive’s 11th Wave of Grantees Announced

ZilHive has announced its 11th wave of grantees, who will be showcasing their products and how they will bring value to the Zilliqa ecosystem in the upcoming January 2022 Accelerator Demo Day. Included in the list of grantees are projects that you may have seen during our ZIL-4 showcase like HeyAlfie, Access and Cerchia. To learn more about the grantees and what they bring to our ecosystem, check out this blog article.

Launch of SCO staking from Ultimate Franchise Fantasy Sports

UFFS has launched its staking program for holders of their SCO token. The single-sided staking program allows users to earn rewards staking with their ZilPay wallet. Find out more about how to stake your SCO tokens on UFFS’s website here.

XCAD Network Updates

XCAD released their progress update blog which details many of the upcoming milestones for them including their ambitions around the XCAD Dex and the dXCAD token. They’ve also revealed that more creators will be announced soon. Read their blog post for the full rundown on what’s to come.

Community Updates

Letter from our CEO to the Community

We know the community has been waiting to hear from our new CEO Dr. Ben Livshits since he came onboard. His November blogpost clearly explains his vision, direction and plans for Zilliqa. Give it a read!

Max Kantelia interview with Marco Montemagno

Zilliqa co-founder Max Kantelia was interviewed by top Italian YouTuber Marco Montemagno who commands over 690,000 subscribers (and has previously spoken to the likes of Matthew McConnaughey!). The interview covered a wider range of topics from NFTs, the creator economy to luxury brands. You can still catch it here.

Zilliqa is Expanding

As part of our plans to grow a bigger team and widen our ecosystem, Zilliqa is looking to hire! If you’re a passionate community member who is looking for a career switch or are interested in crypto, head over to our job board to explore the op. From DeFi engineer to Head of Partnership, there’s something for almost everyone from different backgrounds.

Network Stats

Following the strong momentum from our growth in wallet addresses in October, we nearly saw an all-time high in terms of new wallet addresses created in November! We saw a 10.45% increase in new wallet addresses created relative to October. This strong momentum could be attributed to the launch of LunarCrush’s token which has already seen over 150,000 transactions on the token itself.

Similarly we also saw a growth in the number of transactions compared to October, with about a 9% increase.

Language and Platform Updates

Platform Updates

The Zilliqa JS Library v3.3.2 and v3.3.3 has been shipped.

In v3.3.2 improvements such as a fix for .d.ts file type checking error in the subscriptions package was made.

In v3.3.3 a fix for ESM issue which was caused by require syntax for elliptic signature was introduced amongst others.

For the full scope of the improvements, check out the full release note linked above.

Zilswap Critical Security Issue Resolved

There was a bug identified in the core Zilswap contract. This critical security issue was identified by a community developer, Kreedle (developer of ZILALL) and was quickly resolved. Funds on ZilSwap are now safe and the issue has been fixed. We will be rewarding him a bounty for helping to identify and rectify this issue. For more details on the issue as well as the work went into fixing it, here’s the post mortem.

Scilla Compiler

On the compiled Scilla project, we have now achieved functional completeness and as the next step, we will soon be working on supporting it on a private dedicated testnet.

Scilla External Library

The Scilla External Libraries features is close to completion, the team is currently working on putting the final touches to it. For documentation on the external user-defined library feature, check out this link here

Onwards to a Great December!

The month of November saw us pave the way for the booming creator economy with platform upgrades and partnerships. Do expect more announcements to come from us in December as we venture into new avenues with our technology to truly bridge the gap between the physical and digital. Follow our blog and Twitter to stay up to date with these developments!