Zilliqa Monthly Newsletter — June 2020

Zilliqa has enjoyed an increased following of 4,425 on Twitter — helping us cross the 80K mark! Over 400 people joined our Telegram Announcement as well. Thanks for all the love, new Zilliqans — and welcome to the community!

Zilliqa Monthly Newsletter — June 2020

Greetings everyone,

It will come as no surprise that Staking and Hg Exchange were the most anticipated and talked-about projects in June. We recap these for you below. We also launched our exclusive merchandise collection for women — with great designs featuring style and comfort! We’ve shared the month’s highlights in this newsletter.

Zilliqa has enjoyed an increased following of 4,425 on Twitter — helping us cross the 80K mark! Over 400 people joined our Telegram Announcement as well. Thanks for all the love, new Zilliqans — and welcome to the community!

According to social listening site LunarCRUSH, our social activity hit a weekly high on the last day of June with 1,962 individual social contributors posting 2,340 social posts. Notably, we hit the site’s #1 AltRank™ as well. We were also named among the top 15 most popular coins and trending assets in June by CoinGecko.

As we proudly exceeded the 5 million transaction mark this month, we look ahead to constant growth and development, as always.

In the meantime, we’ve added another social media platform to the mix: Instagram!

Follow @zilliqa_official on instagram and enjoy more of our visual content!

Staking officially went live on Zilliqa through our first partner KuCoin!

The exchange, which offers a flexible, soft-staking option without a lock-up period and daily rewards, has seen oversubscription and so far, been very successful.

Interested in tracking the performance of Kucoin staked seed nodes? https://staking-viewer.zilliqa.com/

Our staking project has been covered across key media including — Ethereum World News, CityAM London, and Altcoin Buzz.

We will be sharing more news about our Binance staking option very soon — so stay tuned!

Zilliqa is developing a proposal for a new company-owned Q&A page on Stack Exchange for users, enthusiasts and developers of Zilliqa. This will offer devs a more convenient and searchable discussion platform.

Here’s where we could use your help!

We need “200 commits” from the developer community in order to submit this as a viable proposal. All you need to do is:

  1. Visit https://area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/124271/zilliqa
  2. Click on Commit
  3. Fill in your details
  4. Confirm the email received in your inbox

Here’s the Guide: youtu.be/zcSH-KlV1iE

Partnerships: Hg Exchange

Hg Exchange is now live to accredited and institutional investors through member financial institutions PhillipCapital, PrimePartners and Fundnel. Those eligible may trade on HGX to gain investment opportunities into private companies and unicorns and capture their value before they pursue an IPO via https://www.hg.exchange/

We’re proud to have powered this platform. Read more about it here.

Developer Engagement

Zilliqa is now integrated into the Gitcoin network. Developers can join this growing global network to discuss nascent projects or dApp ideas, collaborate with other devs, and earn rewards for Zilliqa bounties.

Zilliqa will also be sponsoring a hackathon via Gitcoin in the coming months — stay tuned for more information on this front!

Join: https://gitcoin.co/zilliqa

More here: https://gitcoin.co/blog/gitcoin-zilliqa-a-cross-chain-future/

Our Dev Evangelist Arnav Vohra and our President Amrit Kumar held some educational workshops to take devs through the basics of Scilla. We were part of two webinars this June:

  • Learn how to code on Zilliqa with Scilla’ Webinar, held in collaboration with Dutch blockchain foundation BCNL
  • ‘The Fundamentals of Scilla’ Webinar held in collaboration with London-based Blockchain Training Academy

In other news, ZILHive’s blockchain developer course has extended applications till 16th July — so don’t wait any longer to apply via the ZILHive website. In order to make resources accessible to all, the learning materials will be open-sourced on Github after the course ends.

Tech Updates

We have completed work on Zilliqa version 6.3.0. Testing is now underway before we upgrade the mainnet to this new version.

As mentioned in our last post, users can expect a more versatile GetPendingTxnsAPI and an improved seed node hosting experience. This version will also contain enhancements to smart contract processing, isolated server, and several bug fixes. The complete list of details will be made available in our version 6.3.0 release notes once the upgrade preparations are done.

Dev tooling

  • We have just released a new version of zilliqa neo-savant IDE. As part of the release, we have introduced Ledger Nano S support. With that, you can interact with Zilliqa smart contract using Ledger. /ide.zilliqa.com. Support for Zilpay is underway.
  • Viewblock recently extended support of the Zilliqa-JS on their API. Thanks to this new functionality, the Zilliqa developer experience will now be friendlier and richer!

Scilla / Scilla VM

  • The language team fixed a quadratic growth in the type checker algorithm
  • The type checker was refactored to make it use the gas-monad that we use for evaluation. A side-effect of this is improved error messages by the checker
  • The Scilla compiler (part of the Scilla VM) now performs a type-flow analysis to reduce code bloat during monomorphization. LLVM code generation has now been extended to compile monomorphized expressions (using dynamic dispatch tables).

As a reminder, note that the Scilla VM project is still under active development and is not in production use.

In the News

Amrit recently spoke to Blockchain Training Academy on Zilliqa’s staking project and how we engage our global community of devs, miners, investors & supporters. You can watch their conversation here.

Zilliqa’s market position was covered in CoinCodex, CoinTelegraph, International Business Times and Nairametrics. Additionally, Max Kantelia’s insights on DeFi were covered by Altcoin Buzz.

We’re also thrilled to be recognised among the smart contract and blockchain industry players in the International Monetary Fund’s Distributed Ledger Technology Experiments in Payments and Settlements report.

BlockFyre released a new research report on Zilliqa, while Messari updated the company database as well.

Shout-out to the Community!

Take some time this weekend to read the article written by Reddit user/Zilliqan `haveyouheardaboutit` titled “Why I’m bullish about Zilliqa!” Comprehensive and rich. Thanks for your support!

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