Zilliqa Monthly Newsletter - Feb 2024

Check out all the highlights from the Zilliqa ecosystem for February 2024.

Zilliqa Monthly Newsletter - Feb 2024

As we continue to deliver a strong start to 2024, I am thrilled to present the latest highlights and strides in the Zilliqa ecosystem, offering a glimpse into the dynamic and exciting year unfolding before us.

The standout achievements of the past month have included Zilliqa's drive to revolutionise both Web3 gaming and fan loyalty through a unique Skill2Earn approach that has the potential to shake up the market by delivering sustainable and accessible rewards to players and fans. The next generation of Web3 entertainment is here, and it is powered by Zilliqa.

This month, we were excited to see the announcement of The Winners Circle, an innovative fan loyalty programme designed to reward racing fans for engaging with their favourite sport and secured by the Zilliqa blockchain.

We also saw the resounding success of the token offering for $FPS, the in-game token for Web3War. The overwhelming response from investors and enthusiasts alike is a testament to the burgeoning potential of Web3 gaming on the Zilliqa platform.

Our infrastructure team deserves commendation for their tireless efforts in laying the groundwork for a transformative year ahead.  As we forge ahead, momentum is building towards the rollout of Zilliqa 2.0, a monumental milestone that will redefine the capabilities and possibilities of our network.

I am inspired by the potential of the Zilliqa ecosystem, fueled by the continued growth of applications such as Plunderswap, Web3War, Ionise, IgniteDAO, and Avely Finance.

I would like to thank the Zilliqa community for your continued support, and I encourage you to stay tuned for more information on our rollout plan for Zilliqa 2.0, as we prepare to unveil a truly cutting-edge protocol that will deliver unprecedented performance and flexibility.

Matt Dyer
Zilliqa Blockchain CEO

Check out all the highlights from February 2024 below:

Building the future of Web3 gaming on Zilliqa

Among the many exciting topics circulating within and beyond the Zilliqa community over the past month, the one that ignited the most excitement was Zilliqa’s Skill2Earn approach to Web3 gaming.

Following the rise and fall of the “Play2Earn” model for Web3 gaming, Zilliqa is poised to deliver a new, sustainable approach by rewarding high-quality engagement with Skill2Earn. 

Skill2Earn solves the problems of previous models by rewarding gamers based on their skill and in-game performance, and it puts the player experience first by prioritising high-quality gameplay.

Skill2Earn has debuted on the Zilliqa network with the launch of Web3War’s in-game token and ranked gameplay matches, and it will also be integrated into other groundbreaking new Web3-powered platforms going forward, including The Winners Circle loyalty programme.

Read more about Skill2Earn and how it can drive growth for Zilliqa.

Redefining fan loyalty with The Winners Circle 

A key highlight from February was the announcement of The Winners Circle, an exclusive loyalty platform and members club built by Racing League in partnership with Zilliqa.

The Winners Circle uses Zilliqa-powered Web3 features to unlock innovative and unprecedented rewards for horse racing fans.

These include entry into prize draws for exclusive experiences, discounts on merchandise and tickets, and the opportunity to participate in a fantasy prediction game that rewards you for your skill.

At the core of The Winners Circle is its $HRSE loyalty token, which will be launched in the coming months to early investors and those looking to enjoy the benefits of The Winners Circle.

Read the full announcement of The Winners Circle loyalty platform

Staying in the loyalty space, February also saw the launch of Season 2 of The Pride, the fan loyalty programme from MAD Lions.

With these and other exciting announcements, the last month affirmed Zilliqa’s role in powering the infrastructure that will deliver the future of fan engagement.

Growing Zilliqa’s financial layer

February was also a great month for growing DeFi and the financial layer on Zilliqa, bringing new opportunities for ZIL holders to explore, from cross-chain DeFi yield tools to successful token sales.

A major highlight of the last month was Kalijo announcing $SEED, an upcoming digital reserve asset on Zilliqa that will allow holders to benefit from DeFi yields on other EVM networks. $SEED aims to become an anchor of the Zilliqa DeFi ecosystem by regularly and reliably extracting value from multiple blockchains and reverting growth back to Zilliqa.

February saw the official launch of $FPS, the in-game token for Web3War, with the project completing multiple successful offerings as part of its token generation event. 

The token had a wildly successful launch and generated impressive engagement across multiple exchanges and platforms.

Last month also saw Avely Finance reach a major milestone, with the amount of stZIL minted now at a total of 100 million tokens.

AMAs and Ecosystem News

Amidst the excitement around Skill2Earn and its potential to boost growth in the Zilliqa ecosystem, Matt Dyer and Zilliqa Head of Business Development Tom Fleetham hosted an AMA to break down the benefits of this exciting new model and what it means for the network.

To find out more, read the highlights or listen to the full AMA.Following the launch of its native token last month, version 3.0 of Web3War was released, introducing the Season Pass and Skill2Earn through ranked matches.

This marked the first deployment of Skill2Earn in a Web3 game powered by Zilliqa, bringing exciting new opportunities for players to earn rewards in a high-quality, online shooter.

Read the full announcement for Web3War version 3.0.

LunarCrush, the social insights platform built on Zilliqa, announced Coin Grants last month, allowing Web3 developers to apply for funding to build on the LunarCrush API.

IgniteDAO made a major announcement, too, with the launch of its Instant Unstaking Partnership, encouraging the community to drive adoption of its Torch smart wallet.

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