Zilliqa Monthly Newsletter — April 2022 Newsletter

Hello everyone!

We powered through April with the strong momentum of March behind us. New members continue to join our team and Zilliqans everywhere have extended them a warm welcome. You may have met several of them at the Road Map: Zilliqa Vision 2022 and Beyond event. If you joined us at the event, we’d like to say thank you for your support and helping us make it a success!

Are you ready to see what we’ve achieved together this month? Neither can we. Let’s go!

Panel Event — Road Map: Zilliqa Vision 2022 and Beyond

Every leader has a vision for his team. Captain of the Zilliqa ship, CEO Ben Livshits Ph.D., outlined his at the Road Map: Zilliqa Vision 2022 and Beyond panel on 14th April.

Ben shared that DeFi, gaming, the metaverse, and interoperability would be key pillars of Zilliqa’s ambitions, noting the sheer size and future potential of these markets. He went on to elaborate how our strong string of hires and tech roadmap, focused on EVM support, LLVM support for Scilla, and growing ZilBridge capabilities, would get Zilliqa there.

You can watch the panel here; be sure to keep an eye out for the fresh faces in our team!

Aparna, our Head of Communications, expanded on Zilliqa’s vision in a blog post. Comprehensive and concise; it’s a must read to get a better understanding of where we’re headed!


Matt and Art discuss Zilliqa and crypto at LunarCrush Live

Our friends at LunarCrush were joined by Chief of Staff Matt Dyer and Head of Marketing Art Malkov in their latest episode of LunarCrush Live! The crew discussed all things Zilliqa — from marketing to Metapolis, our joining of the Blockchain Game Alliance, the importance of community, and topics in the wider crypto sphere.

Questions were asked and they were answered! Matt and Art responded to Zilliqans’ questions on future growth and opportunities, how Zilliqa will drive adoption, team expansion, and much more!

You can check out the full session here:

New Hires

We’ve hired several more heavyweights to supercharge our push for gaming, technical development, community and ecosystem engagement, and a brand new Head of Marketing!

Metapolis officially unveiled in Miami!

The much-anticipated Metapolis was finally unveiled to an audience of gamers, influencers, crypto natives, and our partners at Miami at the turn of April!

We brought attendees on a breathtaking digital trip through the planetarium dome — a preview of just what can be built and supported by Metapolis.

Through the industry’s first Metaverse-as-a-Service (MaaS) model, Metapolis brings an XR-powered layer of engagement to the vision of brands and organisations everywhere. By providing the infrastructure for creating rich and immersive experiences, Metapolis will bring individuals and organisations straight to the cutting edge of virtual reality.

Read more about what went down in Miami here!

Zilliqa joins the Blockchain Game Alliance

In line with our ambitions to become a blockchain-of-choice for gaming, Zilliqa has officially joined the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA)! In the BGA, we’ll be working alongside like-minded peers who want to bridge the gap between those who create great games, and those who create great blockchains.

With a supportive community, a burgeoning series of esports partnerships, and our gaming veterans Tom and Valentin, Zilliqa will be able to bring our unique perspective to the BGA, and have a hand in shaping the future of gaming!


More ZIL trading pairs available

Binance has added the ZIL/EUR trading pair, while Crypto.com has just begun offering the ZIL/BTC pair, opening up more trading opportunities for everyone! And as always, trade responsibly and never take on more risk than you can afford.

ZIL is now available on Bitpanda & BitGet Global

Bitpanda and BitGet Global are the two newest exchanges to list ZIL! This is in line with our push to increase ZIL awareness and availability by broadening our listings base. We’re planning to get listed on more exchanges in the future so stay tuned!

35% of users want to see NFTs on Zilliqa’s blockchain on Atomic Wallet

Your wish is our command!

Atomic Wallet asked, and you responded with a resounding resolve. We’re now working with Atomic Wallet to enable ZRC-6 compatibility.

We’ve got plenty of events and new hires in the pipeline, so you can be sure that May will be just as lively as April, if not more. Until then, see you around!