Zilliqa Monthly Newsletter - Apr 2024

Check out all the highlights from the Zilliqa ecosystem for April 2024.

Zilliqa Monthly Newsletter - Apr 2024

As we have moved into May, we continue to build towards the upcoming overhaul of the network with Zilliqa 2.0 while fostering the lift-off of landmark Web3 projects in our ecosystem.

Zilliqa's journey towards a sustainable token economy continued last month, and we explored the benefits of staking and welcomed new participants to join us in securing the network ahead of the transition to Zilliqa 2.0. With liquid staking and other tools available, earning rewards while maintaining liquidity has become a more exciting proposition than ever.

April saw The Winners Circle fan engagement platform continue to build momentum within the Web3 loyalty and horse racing spaces, bolstered by the presale for its native fan token $HRSE. 

Our presence at Paris Blockchain Week and Token2049 in Dubai underscored our commitment to fostering partnerships and exploring new opportunities in the Web3 space. From networking with potential collaborators to showcasing the latest updates in Web3 gaming, our journey continues to be marked by innovation and collaboration.

As we reflect on the achievements of the past month, I am grateful for the community's continued support and enthusiasm. 

I encourage both our longstanding community members and newcomers to start staking to earn rewards and explore the new DeFi opportunities becoming available on the Zilliqa network. 

There are exciting times ahead, so stay tuned for big announcements in the coming months.

  • Matt Dyer
    Zilliqa CEO

Check out all the highlights from April 2024 below:

Start staking ZIL ahead of Zilliqa 2.0

Ongoing adjustments to staking rewards continued last month, signalling the continued shift to a low-inflation network that offers a more sustainable token economy for everyone.

Reduced inflation is a key feature of the tokenomics for the Zilliqa 2.0 network, and those who validate transactions will be rewarded for their role in securing the network via a Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism.

In April, we dived into the benefits of staking and laid out the case for new stakers to get involved with securing the network ahead of the migration to Zilliqa 2.0, which will place them in a strong position for when staking rewards increase with the shift to the new consensus mechanism.

Liquid staking and other tools have also been deployed to the Zilliqa network which make it possible to start earning staking rewards while maintaining liquidity for other activities such as multi-chain yield farming.

Read our deep dive into staking on Zilliqa.

Technical development and documentation

In addition to shifting to Proof-of-Stake, Zilliqa 2.0 will also feature native EVM execution and a range of general protocol improvements. 

The Zilliqa infrastructure team has continued to work on these features over the last month, laying the groundwork for a migration to an improved and more flexible protocol. 

It is important to note that the development of Zilliqa 2.0 is in some parts a gradual process, with improvements being delivered over time and in updates ahead of full network migration, while others may be rolled out after the mainnet is officially switched to the new protocol design.

Learn more about the features coming in Zilliqa 2.0 on the developer portal.

$HRSE presale launches on Kalijo

A key highlight from April was the launch of the pre-sale for $HRSE, the fan token for The Winners Circle engagement platform.

$HRSE is the passport to The Winners Circle, unlocking the innovative Web3-powered features of the programme such as Skill2Earn-based rewards for engagement, governance votes on how real-life teams are run, exclusive rewards, and much more.

The $HRSE presale was available exclusively on the Zilliqa EVM network and was hosted on the Kalijo launchpad, powered by the team behind the $SEED digital reserve asset, also built on Zilliqa.

To celebrate the launch of the pre-sale, Kalijo hosted a giveaway for qualifying participants, offering $500-worth of $SEED for anyone who spent more than 1,000 ZIL during the event.

The roadmap for The Winners Circle was also revealed, with the public sale and Token Generation Event set to occur in the near future.

Check out the AMA with Tom Fleetham and Georgia Todd to learn more about the $HRSE presale.

Ecosystem news and AMAs

The month began with a jaunt over to Paris Blockchain Week, where Zilliqa’s Bradley Laws and Tom Fleetham connected with potential partners and other exciting projects in the Web3 space.

This was followed up by another showing of the Zilliqa team, this time at Token2049 in Dubai, where Zilliqa CEO Matt Dyer, Head of Investor Relations Bradley Laws, and Head of Product Anton Agafonov explored opportunities and partnerships during one of the biggest Web3 events on the global calendar.

April also saw Zilliqa host a joint AMA with Racing League, where we explored the groundbreaking new approach The Winners Circle brings to fan engagement and how this is set to redefine the world of horse racing.

The broader Zilliqa ecosystem saw continued growth and development, including Kalijo launching its new Burn Journal for tracking burned tokens.

There is also reason to get excited on the DeFi and wallet adoption front, with DeBank hinting at its imminent listing of ZIL.

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