Zilliqa integrates into WEYU’s diverse NFT ecosystem in a strategic push towards Web3 adoption

Zilliqa integrates into WEYU’s diverse NFT ecosystem in a strategic push towards Web3 adoption

Zilliqa has partnered with multi-chain NFT platform WEYU to provide users on both sides with easy access to a comprehensive and growing ecosystem of value-driven NFTs.    

Sandra Helou, Zilliqa’s Head of Metaverse & NFTs, said “Multichain integration is one way for L1 blockchains like Zilliqa to achieve greater interoperability. More importantly, it enables the value and utility that NFTs offer to extend beyond its native platform. Think about the possibilities that could unleash for creators, who now have a far wider audience to showcase their unique works to.” She added “By partnering with WEYU, Zilliqa is helping to bring more users into our ecosystem and the blockchain space in general. Ultimately we’re supporting mass adoption by making NFTs more accessible to individuals and brands through a no-code solution.”

Zilliqa's ecosystem gains an NFT powerhouse with WEYU onboard. By creating an NFT generating tool - YU-launch - specifically designed for the Zilliqa blockchain, WEYU will generate a substantial increase in the number of creators entering the platform and the blockchain space as a whole. Together, and through the merging of blockchain technology, any creator or builder will be empowered to construct any digital asset, free of cost and within minutes! The platform can be accessed at yulaunch.weyu.io/

Speaking on the partnership, WEYU Co-Founder Chris Dawe said, “WEYU believes that Web3 can deliver a new chapter in accessing opportunities never before available on the internet. By building user-friendly applications on top of the greatest technology of our times, blockchain, people across the globe will be able to transact digital items of value and create new economies across the World Wide Web. By partnering with Zilliqa, a mature and attractive alternative to Ethereum and other layer 1’s, WEYU taps into a new and exciting frontier of possibilities. With our first collaboration we bring - YU-Launch - the no-code NFT generation platform but this is just the beginning! The next chapter of this collaboration is sure to attract the masses to the Zilliqa ecosystem.

Zilliqa is built to create a scalable and secure platform for decentralised applications, while WEYU is designed to drive mass adoption and ease of access into the NFT industry. Together, the partnership of these Web3 entities will enable anyone to create, access and easily manage digital assets.