Zilliqa expands presence in Europe with listing on Bit2Me exchange

ZIL is now listed on Bit2Me, one of the leading centralised exchanges in Europe and Latin America.

Zilliqa expands presence in Europe with listing on Bit2Me exchange

ZIL, the native token of the high-through, low-cost Zilliqa blockchain, is now listed on Bit2Me, one of the leading centralised exchanges in Europe and Latin America.

Bit2Me is a fully regulated exchange which is licensed by the Spanish Central Bank to be the country’s first crypto services provider and has received funding from BBVA Spark, the full financial services proposition created by BBVA, one of the biggest banks in Spain. The exchange has also been backed by Telefónica to enable digital asset payments for the telecommunications company’s customers.

This listing means that the more than 1 million users of the Bit2Me digital asset trading platform are now able to seamlessly purchase and trade ZIL on its integrated exchange, a significant step towards expanding the blockchain’s exposure and presence in these two regions. 

Users on Bit2Me will be able to buy and sell ZIL directly from the Bit2Me Wallet, and they will be able to make purchases with ZIL using the Bit2Me Mastercard, bringing more utility to Zilliqa’s native token.

Bit2Me serves more 150,000 unique monthly users across more than 100 countries and it has seen a massive 140% growth in active wallets over the year to date, now reaching a total of 456,000.

Zilliqa joins more than 280 assets already listed on the Bit2Me platform, broadening the reach of the evolving network in line with its renewed drive towards interoperability. This vision is exemplified through Zilliqa’s implementation of Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility and the ongoing development of its efficient and scalable network.

Through expanding its reach through partnership with mainstream exchanges such as Bit2Me and offering a low-cost, high-throughput network that is easy to build on, Zilliqa is poised for accelerating adoption as its nascent DeFi ecosystem quickly grows.

ZIL’s listing on Bit2Me doesn’t just expand the blockchain’s exposure in Spain and Europe, but also in emerging markets in Latin America, where Bit2Me has a significant presence and there are exciting opportunities for boosting liquidity and network adoption.

Zilliqa has already established a presence in Spain through its longstanding partnership with global esports organisation MAD Lions and the pioneering Skill2Earn-based shooter Web3War, which is developed by Zilliqa Group venture Roll1ng Thund3rz and has seen massive adoption in Latin America.

The listing of ZIL on Bit2Me builds on the success of these initiatives through enhancing accessibility and providing further avenues for adoption of the Zilliqa network.

Zilliqa CEO Matt Dyer highlighted the exciting opportunities unlocked through the listing of the ZIL token on Bit2Me. 

“Together with Bit2Me's robust regulatory compliance and broad user base, the listing of ZIL brings tangible benefits to both seasoned traders and newcomers alike. Spain and Latin America have become hotbeds of growth within the Zilliqa ecosystem, and through this listing we are delighted to be delivering better access for our community in these regions.”

“With Zilliqa's EVM compatibility already delivering exciting applications for its DeFi ecosystem and the major usability improvements coming with Zilliqa 2.0, we are excited to soon unlock unprecedented opportunities for millions of traders and users,” Dyer said.

Bit2Me Director of Listings Cosmin Staicu added that the exchange was pleased to now offer direct ZIL trading to its customers.

“We're thrilled to welcome ZIL to the diverse array of assets listed on Bit2Me. Zilliqa's listing is aligned with our commitment to offer our users access to innovative and promising blockchain projects.”

“With over 280 assets now available on Bit2Me, we are empowering our global community with greater opportunities for investment and growth,” Staicu said.

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