Zilliqa Community Update 3 September 2019

Working on both the promised infrastructure updates, as well as the website — September appears to be a busy month for us, leading to an even busier Q4.

Zilliqa Community Update 3 September 2019

Greetings everyone,

Working on both the promised infrastructure updates, as well as the website — September appears to be a busy month for us, leading to an even busier Q4. We’ll be participating at some prominent industry events during this period, and plan to organise developer meet-ups in various cities to build strong ties to our community, the larger ecosystem and highlight our achievements on global platforms. We hope to see some of you during these events!

Website Sneak Preview 02: Mindshare

To get another glimpse of our revamped website, which will be launched later this week, check out this page.

Upcoming Report: Growing the DeFi Ecosystem

We’ve all been reading a lot about DeFi lately. What is it and why is it gaining so much prominence? Let’s break it down here. A growing movement within financial services and technology, DeFi aims to propel financial inclusion by leveraging public blockchain to achieve transparency and open nature. Offering products and/or platforms that are permissionless, transparent, censorship-resistant, open source — the benefits are numerous, and the potential limitless.

For all these reasons and as a serious proponent of financial inclusion, Zilliqa has been pushing the growth of the DeFi ecosystem. In fact, initiatives such as ZIL Hive and the Ecosystem Grant programmes offer up-and-coming developers with the tools and incentives to create such applications.

Zilliqa is preparing a report on the growing importance of Decentralised Finance (DeFi), set to be published towards the end of Q4. The report will outline the part of our growth strategy, which is tied to driving DeFi use cases and applications — especially in the ASEAN region.

Developer Updates — Ledger Live Dev Version, Upcoming Dev Call

Zilliqa Ledger Nano S app has just gone live on Ledger Live in the developer mode. Developers can use zilcli command line wallet app (https://zilcli.app/#/) to check it out.

This Zilliqa Ledger Nano S app will be made available in public mode when a better graphical user interface (GUI) is developed for it. We will be working closely with Moonlet, ZilPay and Zillet wallet developers to create a seamless and intuitive user experience for the Ledger app.

In other news, our next Developer call is scheduled for 05 September at 9:30 PM SGT (UTC+08:00).

The call will discuss the role and efficiency of various platforms available to the dev community. In line with this, our Developer Evangelist Gareth Mensah will shed light on Zilliqa’s migration to a new tool called Discord. This is set to take place very soon! We took this decision based on a detailed study, as well as feedback from the first developer call, during which most people approved of Discord as a value-add tool.

Additionally, we will share a presentation on “Efficient State Accesses for Scilla” to explain the implemented solution for the issue recently faced with Unstoppable Domains transactions on the smart contract.

Zilliqa in the News

We’re thrilled to be working with Singapore-based blockchain accelerator TRIBE Accelerator on their new venture, OpenNodes. Supported by the Infocomm Media Development Authority of Singapore (IMDA), OpenNodes looks to bring together government agencies, global enterprises, and blockchain projects as they look to foster growth and innovation within Singapore’s burgeoning blockchain ecosystem.
Have you gotten your minions yet? Thank you to dapp for including Etheremon’s Ocean Rumble in their line-up of upcoming blockchain games!
“As Asia looks to solidify its economic position on a global stage, supporting its ecosystem of small businesses will be crucial to its success.” Despite SMEs largely forming the backbone of Asia’s economy, many small businesses are burdened by inadequate access to sufficient financial resources. From alternative credit assessment methodologies to the operational optimisations offered by blockchain, our Co-Founder Max shared his thoughts with Entrepreneur Asia Pacific on how emerging technologies are redefining financial access for SMEs across the continent.
From the earliest days of the Crypto Wild West to where we are today, our President Amrit shares his thoughts with INDVSTRVS on how enterprise forays into cryptocurrencies and technological explorations of blockchain have come to shape the trajectory of crypto regulations across the APAC region.
“Convenience, it appears, has been granted with a mismatch in equilibriums: society seldom enjoys progress for free.” From data privacy scandals to the monopoly of Silicon Valley’s tech giants, our Co-Founder Max reflects on the current state of tech regulations from East to West with Regulation Asia.

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