Zilliqa Community Update 11 June

The beginning of a new era

Greetings everyone,

This is a historic week for us. To recap — yesterday, Zilliqa launched smart contracts, officially making us the first ever fully-functioning public smart contracts platform built on a sharded architecture. Yes, you heard it. Since our inception we have aspired to address technology gaps (such as scalability and security) with quality infrastructure solutions. This success is therefore a huge step for us, and for the entire blockchain industry given that we delivered what we set out to do when we first published our paper on sharding and smart contracts in 2017. You can learn more about this milestone here.

The community has received this news with much enthusiasm and positivity given that they can now start building on Zilliqa. We look forward to the myriad of dApps built to scale on Zilliqa.

The first day

We are grateful for how positively this has been received by the community and media. In fact, people who waited patiently for this development have already begun to deploy dApps on Zilliqa. The sheer level of engagement we’ve enjoyed is a further proof that this is just the start of a new chapter for the blockchain ecosystem.

We will continue to share updates on this with you.

A snapshot of coverage from our announcement that smart contracts have been launched on the Zilliqa network — from Yahoo! News to CoinDesk, Smartereum, CryptoBriefing, and many more! We’re so thrilled to celebrate this milestone with all of you.

Trust wallet supports mainnet ZILs starting today

We are happy to announce that we are collaborating with Trust Wallet, the secure mobile multi-currency crypto wallet.

Trust Wallet, which aims to become the go-to wallet for every crypto enthusiast and traders needs, will be supporting mainnet ZILs starting today! This will be the first time they are supporting Schnorr Signatures, having worked with the Zilliqa tech team to enable this feature.

Given our commitment to end-to-end security, we are excited to partner with Trust Wallet. Their offering provides not only an accessible platform for traders, but also a secure and reliable storage options for mainnet ZILs.

Commenting on this collaboration — Viktor Radchenko, Founder of Trust Wallet said: “I am very excited to see Zilliqa integrate into Trust Wallet as the first sharding enabled blockchain platform in production that could potentially scale to support real world use cases.”

Community Updates

Zilliqa in the News

Our Co-Founder Max spoke with CoinRivet last month at Malta A.I & Blockchain Summit to discuss all things Project Proton, the benefits of blockchain games built on Zilliqa, and of course, the launch of our smart contracts on the network.
Our Application Lead Edison caught up with Colorado Blockchain’s Erik Stenflo during this year’s ETHDenver to discuss our partnerships to date along some coming developments on the horizon.
Our Co-Founder Max spoke with The Cryptonomist during this year’s Malta A.I & Blockchain Summit, touching upon our recent PepsiCo campaign with Project Proton and how our network scaling capabilities make our platform a formidable contender against traditional payment processors such as VISA.
Didn’t make it to this year’s Consensus? Our VP of Business Development Sophia and Grants Manager Han Wen spoke on the Construct Stage about our focus areas in terms of industry verticals and partnerships, updates to our ecosystem grant, along with technological milestones for 2019.

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