Zilliqa Community Update 1 October 2019

Zilliqa and LongHash have joined forces to create a robust support structure through an accelerator programme. Our experts have their unique ways of spotting a promising project even in its early stages.

Zilliqa Community Update 1 October 2019

ZILHive: A catalyst for emerging talent in blockchain

Mentorship is an invaluable resource. While financial support may come from various sources, the right kind of guidance and tools are hard to find, and go a long way in helping people and projects thrive.

This rings true all the more in the complex world of blockchain. The world is being disrupted by this technology, which some have touted as the “new internet”. The possibilities within blockchain-based commerce are huge, and adoption is poised to transform traditional business models across gaming, advertising, finance, healthcare and even e-governance. Yet — the barriers to entry (largely due to information asymmetry) seem high. We can play a small role in lowering these barriers for small businesses with a collaborative and problem-solving mindset.

Zilliqa and LongHash have joined forces to create a robust support structure through an accelerator programme. Our experts have their unique ways of spotting a promising project even in its early stages. They realised that by using this skill, they could offer tangible value to these entrepreneurs, developers and builders who are pushing the industry envelope further, whilst bringing adoption closer.

ZILHive: The Key Facts

ZILHive is a 12-week accelerator programme aiming to empower and facilitate talented entrepreneurs and developers to build decentralised applications (DApps) on the Zilliqa platform with greater technical tutorship, mentorship, marketing guidance, and funding opportunities. The programme has been designed and managed in conjunction with LongHash, a global blockchain incubator supported by the Singapore government.

ZILHive is an extension of the USD $5 million Zilliqa Ecosystem Grant Programme’s Innovation Track. Open to participants from all over the world, it aims to provide a collaborative environment for the five chosen teams, who will be tasked with creating a product which utilises the Zilliqa platform and in turn, be supported with grants of up to $20,000 and technical tutorships. This year marks ZILHive’s inaugural edition.

A refresher on the details of the various stages of the ZILHive Programme

We are absolutely thrilled to introduce our five chosen ‘Incu-bees’

  1. Buttonwallet: A Telegram-based crypto wallet with over 85k users; winners in more than 15 international hackathons.
  2. Brightree — A platform tracking bunkering supply chain to eliminate fraud and pilferage using blockchain and IoT. This has already been installed in 30 shipping bunkers.
  3. Depos — A “Decentralized bank” fully collateralized by digital assets, run by a team from BCG, INSEAD, and MIPT.
  4. Mintable —A one-stop service for anyone who wishes to mint unique/ non-fungible digital items easily.
  5. Soundario — A music streaming platform which is designed to record and distribute value fairly using blockchain.

A day of crypto-themed team building!

We thought some ice-breaker contests would be just the thing to get everyone from the chosen teams acquainted in an engaging way while enjoying some of what Singapore has to offer. As part of this, they participated in a ZILHive-version of the amazing race, in which they were tasked with getting from point A to B with just 10 dollars worth of $ZIL!

Here are some highlights from the orientation:

Gearing up for some friendly competition!
“Hm…. what’s the private key?” Team attempts to unlock the wallet containing 10 dollars worth of $ZIL
Selling 10 dollars worth of $ZIL to strangers
“Help help! Twitterverse, please help us with funding!”
Receiving $50 SGD after promising to deliver a service in future.
Winner bees — the first to get to point B!

This was a fantastic and mentally stimulating activity which set the tone for the collaboration, creativity and fun we expect to see in the coming weeks.

The culmination of these efforts will be course, be the final pitch presentations on Demo Day (16 December), which we’re so excited about. We expect to welcome venture capital firms, angel investors, and family offices who could take these teams to the next stage of their development, and usher in further innovation and disruption across the blockchain ecosystem.

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