Zilliqa Bounty Program

About Zilliqa

Zilliqa is a new high-throughput blockchain platform that is designed to scale in an open, permissionless distributed network securely. In the most recent experiments, the Zilliqa private testnet network recorded a peak throughput of 2,488 transactions with 3,600 nodes. The underlying technology that makes Zilliqa scale is that of sharding — — dividing the mining network into smaller groups called shards, each capable of processing transactions in parallel. In fact, the throughput in Zilliqa increases as the network expands which makes Zilliqa truly scalable. Zilliqa has been featured in esteemed news outlets like CNBC, Cointelegraph, BlockchainNews, IBT, The Merkle, Digital Journal, etc.

Why are we running the bounty program?

We would like to foster a community of crypto enthusiasts, system engineers, application developers, researchers, thinkers, writers and other collaborators around Zilliqa for its future development and adoption. To show appreciation to our early supporters and facilitate our community building, we are pleased to launch a bounty program. We are committed to building a strong and active community and your help is critical in achieving this.

NOTE: We reserve the right to disqualify or withhold bounty payouts to any user we suspect of attempting to cheat or exploit any of the rules written below. We also have zero tolerance for spam, cheating, or abuse.

How does it work?

The bounty program will run for 4 weeks, starting from 4 Nov 2017 till 1 Dec 2017 (GMT+8). To ensure transparency, we will maintain a points table and make it available to the community for scrutiny. At the end of each week during the program, we will update the points table for members to keep track of their achievements and help resolve contentious issues in a timely manner. Bounty will be distributed to participants after Zilliqa’s Token Generation Event.

Community members will be awarded with a bounty based on achieving particular goals and these may be increased if certain milestones are hit. The bounty will be awarded in ZILs (or interim ERC-20 tokens). We categorize contributions from the community into 2 categories as detailed below and also have a special award for active supporters.

1) Community Creativity — Allocated bounty up to USD 20,000 (equivalent ZILs)

IMPORTANT: We will also increase our allocated bounty for this category by 50% to USD 30,000 (equiv. ZILs) if we hit the target in the Social Networks category.

Content Creation: The Zilliqa team seeks bloggers, journalists, and content creators (video or podcast) willing to write about the Zilliqa platform and the underlying technology. We regularly update our blog (blog.zilliqa.com), website (www.zilliqa.com), Slack channel (https://zilliqa.slack.com) and YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvinnFbf0u71cajoxKcfZIQ). These resources can be used as inspiration for content. If you are interested in creating HIGH-QUALITY blog or video content or providing media coverage, please join this program. If we approve your content proposal, it must be created in a timely fashion and distributed widely across your social networks and platforms. Content must be unique and original.

Referrals: Bounties will be distributed to those who link us to Medium bloggers, steemit.com users and other content creators and get them to share more on Zilliqa.

Translation: We are looking for a few high quality translators who are willing to translate our announcement threads, whitepaper and other documents, as well as blog posts into other languages. We will not be accepting translation to Japanese and Simplified Chinese.

If you are interested in any of the above bounty programs, please fill in the form at https://bit.do/zilliqacommunitybounty. For further enquiries, please contact the admins on Telegram @zilliqachat.

2) Social Networks: Allocated bounty USD 20,000 (equivalent ZILs according to public contribution price)

We target to have:

** 5,000 Twitter followers

** 5,000 Slack members

** 1,000 Medium followers

** 5,000 Telegram members

IMPORTANT: If we reach the above social media goals, we will increase our allocated bounty by 50% to USD 30,000 (equiv. ZILs).

Members will be rewarded with points based on their interaction with our social media platforms. To join this program, please register accounts below and submit the following form: https://bit.do/zilliqasocialbounty. For further enquiries, please contact the admins on Telegram @zilliqachat.

The points are given on an all-or-nothing basis, i.e., if a member achieves the target, then he/she gets the total points else he/she gets 0. The bounty in this category will be awarded proportionally to the number of points accumulated by an individual.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/zilliqa

Target tier (Like and retweet) Points

>= 5 Zilliqa tweets: 5 points

>= 10 Zilliqa tweets: 10 points

New creative tweets including the hashtag #ZILLIQA:

>= 5 tweets: 10 points

>= 10 tweets: 20 points

Some suggested tweets

  • What you think are the coolest features of Zilliqa
  • What use cases you would like to see Zilliqa being applied to

NOTE: You must have at least 250 followers to be eligible. If you have >1000 followers, you will receive an additional 25% on the total number of points accumulated in that week. If you have >5000 followers, you will receive an additional 50% of points. No fake or spam accounts will be tolerated. We will validate your accounts using TwitterAudit. Duplicated or inappropriate tweets/retweets are not counted. Also, Zilliqa status/maintenance tweets such as https://twitter.com/zilliqa/status/925983122629337088 will not be counted. The points will be reset to zero every week.

Medium: blog.zilliqa.com

Follow us: 5 points

Recommend 5 posts: 10 points

Recommend 10 posts: 20 points

Slack: invite.zilliqa.com or zilliqa.slack.com

Join Slack: 10 points

Telegram: t.me/zilliqachat

Join Telegram: 10 points

>= 5 invites: 10 points

>= 10 invites: 20 points

>= 15 invites: 30 points

No cheating by re-joining or asking someone to leave so that you can invite them. If you do so, all points tagged to your eth address will be forfeited. In order to invite someone, you cannot just send the invite link. You have to use the “Add Member” function on the Zilliqa Official Telegram chat. Due to Telegram restrictions, only people who have usernames and are in your contacts can be added.

NOTE: 1/4 of the allocated bounty amount will either expire or be given to participants at the end of each week (according to GMT+8). For example, if we have 0 participants in the first week, 1 in the second and 5 in the third and 10 in the fourth, no bounty will be given at the end of first week and the total bounty will reduce to 15,000. The only participant at the end of second week will get the entire weekly quota of 5,000. For the third week, assuming each of the 5 participants accumulates the same number of points, then each will be given 5,000/5 USD (equiv ZILs).

One More Thing…

Active-Supporter Award — Higher Individual Contribution Cap

If you are interested in reserving a higher individual cap for Zilliqa’s public sale, please indicate your desired contribution by filling in the form https://bit.do/zilliqaactiveaward. To be eligible for this award, you need to either be an active participant in our Slack/Telegram groups or participate in any of the above bounty programs. We will try to accommodate as many early supporters as we can, so please email us as soon as possible. However, we reserve full discretion in granting, adjusting, or rejecting such requests.

How to Participate?

Step 0:

Check your eligibility according to the Disclaimer below.

Step 1:

Fill in the registration form.

Step 2:


Upon filling in the form, the user must dm (direct message) “zilliqabounty” Twitter with the following string,

“This is to verify my twitter account. My eth address is <your actual eth address>”


Upon filling in the form, the user must dm (direct message) “zilliqabounty” on Slack
“This is to verify my slack account. My eth address is <your actual eth address>”


Upon filling in the form, the user must dm (direct message) “zilliqabounty” on Telegram
“This is to verify my Telegram account. My eth address is <your actual eth address>”

Any mismatch between the submitted information in Google Docs and the various social media accounts may result in disqualification or withholding of bounty payouts (at the Zilliqa team’s discretion).


Due to jurisdiction constraints, US persons and residents of UK, China (except Hong Kong) and Japan are not eligible to participate in this bounty program. You confirm you do not belong to any of these categories, and you also agree to avoid marketing Zilliqa’s token offering to any such persons/entities.

For legal requirements, please note that KYC will be required before tokens are awarded at a later stage. We seek your kind understanding in fulfilling KYC requirements.

Our Official Channels

Website: https://www.zilliqa.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/zilliqa

Blog: https://blog.zilliqa.com

Slack: https://zilliqa.slack.com or https://invite.zilliqa.com (Invite link)

Telegram Chat Group: https://t.me/zilliqachat

Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvinnFbf0u71cajoxKcfZIQ

Reddit (for general discussion): https://www.reddit.com/r/zilliqa