Welcome onboard, Alexander Lipton and Stuart Prior as our advisors!

We are very excited to announce that the Zilliqa team has just joined by two new advisors with decades of experience in the Fintech and banking industry. We’d like to extend our warmest welcome to both Alexander Lipton and Stuart Prior!

Alex has a diverse background, including being the former Managing Director at Bank of America, leading the Quant group among several other roles. Currently, he is the Founder and CEO of StrongHoldLabs, Connection Science Fellow at MIT Media Lab and Visiting Professor of Financial Engineering at EPFL. Alex is a leading expert in distributed ledger, digital currencies and payment systems, and also a prolific academic with two books and over a hundred research papers published and another six books edited by him.

Stuart is a Fintech veteran with 20+ in Corporate and Investment Banking, also an advocate for the blockchain technology and crypto finance. His exciting career includes the development of ultra high frequency / low latency trading and large-scale data management applications in some of the largest banks in the world, including Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank. Stuart will bring his expertise to help guide Zilliqa’s development and practical applications.

We are honored to have the opportunity to have both of them advising the development and adoption of the Zilliqa blockchain. Their experience and vision will help the team figure out the best strategies and avenues to develop a blockchain platform that not just facilitates high-volume transactions, but enables new applications and new businesses to leverage secure and decentralized blockchain technology.