WEB3WAR beta v0.9 release notes

WEB3WAR beta v0.9 release notes

New features
New map added - City
Player avatars have been added and can be changed under the Customise -> Profile menu
Player avatars now displayed in lobby, scoreboard, HUD,  reward screen, and kill feed

Performance improvements
Faster hit detection for melee weapons
Major optimisations to improve general in-game performance

Gameplay changes
Map spawn locations improved
Weapons and scopes changed for Gun Game
Weapon order changed for Gun Game
Default and scope crosshairs improved

Bug fixes
Fixed hit offset for several weapons when aiming down sight
Fixed main menu graphics issues
Fixes applied to ground collider for Bazaar map
General bug fixes and improvements

Important notes from the devs
Don’t forget we are in public beta - many things may still change between now and the final release of the game.