WEB3WAR beta v0.8 release notes

WEB3WAR beta v0.8 release notes

New features
New map - Bazaar - introduced (including both day and night modes)
New weapons - 2 new ARs and 1 new shotgun
New skins introduced for all weapons

Performance improvements
Button to show/hide password added in create match screen
Improved third-person animations added for aiming and idling
Improved crosshairs for weapons

Gameplay changes
All scopes now available on all weapons
New order of weapons in Gun Game
Further refinements to weapon balancing
Melee attacks now break glass in office map

Bug fixes
Fix for Gun Game - knife attack sometimes not working
Fix for headshots ignoring armour
Fix for sticker positions on all weapons
Fix for bullet ricochet on multiple maps
Fix for geometry flicking on Office map
UI button highlight fixes
Fix for excess fall damage not killing player
Character skinning and animation fixes
Fix for being able to sprint while prone
Rocket Launcher damage/collision fixes

Important notes from the devs
Don’t forget we are in public beta - many things may still change between now and the final release of the game.

Zilliqa Gaming Hub beta v0.7 release notes

New features
Improved backend server communication speed
Additional security layers
Show/hide button for password field
Added more messages from what issues/error a player might get
Removed terminal popups

Bug fixes
Games location changed to cover several corner case scenarios
Fixed local files verification error