Discord is now the official home for the Zilliqa community

Our official channel for community and developer relations is moving from Telegram to the new and improved Zilliqa Discord.

Discord is now the official home for the Zilliqa community

Our official channel for community and developer relations is moving from Telegram to the new and improved Zilliqa Discord - offering everyone a single forum for engagement with the Zilliqa team and ecosystem.

The Zilliqa community is the cornerstone of our blockchain’s growth and success, and we are always looking for better ways to keep everybody updated on the latest ecosystem news and offer support to developers and users.

Up until now, we’ve been using a combination of Telegram and Discord as official forums for developer and community support relations, giving those building on or using the network a way to speak directly with our team and resolve any issues or find the information they need to make the most of the high-throughput, low-fee Zilliqa network.

We initially chose to offer official community relations through Telegram due to its widespread adoption among the crypto community, but we understand that many seeking feedback from the team may feel frustrated by the limits of the application when it comes to logging support tickets amid general discussion over the network.

To address the lack of a central hub for engagement and to enhance the community experience for everyone in the Zilliqa ecosystem, we have overhauled the Zilliqa Discord and are migrating all community relations from Telegram to this new and improved forum.

Making Discord the home for the Zilliqa community offers a better experience for everyone, from users looking for updates on aspects of the network to developers who want to log support tickets to resolve issues with their projects.

From now on, all official community, support, and developer relations will be conducted through the Zilliqa Discord, which now offers a range of new capabilities that make it far easier to log issues, seek help with deployments, and stay up to date on the latest network upgrades and ecosystem news.

Moving from Telegram to the Zilliqa Discord

From May 18, 2023, we will start to reduce engagement on the official Zilliqa Telegram chat and redirect users to the official Zilliqa Discord.

During the month after this date, we will continue to respond to queries on Telegram but will notify users that they should switch over to the Zilliqa Discord to continue engaging with the team going forward.

Existing Discord users can continue to use the Zilliqa Discord as normal - the server will be automatically updated with an improved structure on May 18, 2023.

The overhauled Zilliqa Discord makes community support and relations much easier through the use of our custom ticketing bot. If you encounter an issue or need support with the development of your application on the Zilliqa network, you can now simply create a ticket describing the issue from within Discord.

This ticket will then be picked up by the Zilliqa team and can even be merged with other tickets related to the same issue. You can also discuss issues with others in the community in the thread related to each ticket.

Channels and roles in the Zilliqa Discord have also been greatly improved, making it easier to discuss updates with like-minded devs, find the latest news on projects in the ecosystem, and chat about everything from Web3 gaming to DeFi.

We’re excited to welcome you to the new and improved Zilliqa Discord, and we hope you enjoy the work we have done to improve developer and community engagement within the growing Zilliqa ecosystem.

Join us on the official Zilliqa Discord.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen to Telegram after you move to Discord?

Our official Telegram channel will remain active, although we will slowly wind down our community engagement on this forum from May 18, 2023. The team will continue to respond during this period but will encourage users to join the Zilliqa Discord.

Major announcements will continue to be posted on Telegram.

How do I migrate from Telegram to Discord?

Moving to the Zilliqa Discord is as simple as joining with the invite link. You can access the Discord from the desktop or mobile app, or directly from your web browser.

I have already joined the Zilliqa Discord. Do I need to do anything?

No - you are already a member of the server and will not need to change anything. The Zilliqa Discord will be automatically updated with the new automated ticketing bot and channels.

Will you continue to engage with the community on Discord?

We will continue to engage with everyone in our community through the Zilliqa Discord. It will also become much easier to log issues and receive support from the Zilliqa team with our improved channel structure and automated ticketing process.

Will you still be available on Telegram for direct communication with ecosystem partners?

We will continue to communicate with our ecosystem partners across a range of channels, including direct groups on Telegram that are separate to the main Zilliqa Telegram chat.

How will the Zilliqa Discord be moderated?

Our community management team will continue to moderate the Discord server as they have done in the past. We advise everyone to read the server rules and post their discussions or support requests in the appropriate channels.