Calling All Zilliqa Gurus! — Infographic Contest

Dear all community supporters, we’re seeking the most informative and creative infographics on the strengths, features, and offerings of Zilliqa as a next-generation high-throughput blockchain platform!


  • Infographic must fit into one page
  • Feel free to utilize all materials currently available on Zilliqa
  • Creativity is strongly encouraged!

Suggested topics (not limited to only these):

  • Comparison of Zilliqa’s technology and features (how they are desirable in supporting dApps) vs other public blockchains
  • Explaining the technology of Zilliqa, such as network sharding, PBFT, or Schnorr multi-signature
  • Illustrating use cases that can be enabled by Zilliqa which would otherwise be less feasible, efficient, or secure using other public blockchains
  • Illustrating use cases that will be significantly benefited by the secure-by-design smart contract language Scilla

Judging criteria:

  • 75% Content accuracy, clarity & creativity
  • 25% Visual appeal
  • Community will vote for the 8 finalists, and the Zilliqa team will decide the final ranking; additional details on the selection process will be announced later

Deadline for submissions: 25 March 2018 (12noon UTC+8)

How to submit: Tweet your submission on Twitter with hashtag #zilliqacontest and tag @zilliqa. Feel free to include additional hashtags to your submission as well, be it #sharding or #scilla, etc.


First prize: 1 winner

  • Round trip ticket to Singapore, in-person meeting and dinner with the Zilliqa team
  • 200,000 ZILs

Second prize: 2 winners

  • 50,000 ZILs each

Third prize: 5 winners

  • 15,000 ZILs each

Questions? Please email [email protected]

Additional resource:


  • We reserve the full right in deciding the selection process and final awards
  • Awards of ZILs are subject to KYC and jurisdiction constraints. We reserve the right to award the winners in corresponding USD or ETH under certain circumstances.