Bounty program for 4 weeks, from 4 Nov 17 to 1 Dec 17 (TL;DR version)

Refer to for a more complete version of the bounty program


There are 3 categories of bounty program:

  • Community Creativity Bounty
  • Social Network Bounty
  • Active-Supporter Award

1. Community Creativity Bounty — (20k USD worth of ZILs allocated)

  • Content creation
  • Referral for content creation
  • Translation

Interested please go to: For further enquiries, please contact the admins on Telegram @zilliqachat.

2. Social Network Bounty — (20k USD worth of ZILs allocated)
Points-based system; Bounty will be distributed based on points awarded; Every week, 5k USD worth will be distributed and then the points reset to zero


  • Follow us = 5 points
  • Recommend 5 posts = 10 points
  • Recommend 10 posts = 20 points

Slack ( or

  • Join = 10 points

Telegram (

  • Join = 10 points
  • Invite 5 = 10 points
  • Invite 10 = 20 points
  • Invite 15 = 30 points


  • Like and retweet @zilliqa tweets
  • 5 tweets = 5 points
  • 10 tweets = 10 points

Creative tweets with #ZILLIQA (2 tweets per day max)

  • 5 tweets = 10 points
  • 10 tweets = 20 points

Suggested tweets:

  • What you think are the coolest features of Zilliqa
  • What use cases you would like to see Zilliqa being applied to
Note: You must have at least 250 followers to be eligible. If you have >1000 followers, you will receive an additional 25% on the total number of points accumulated in that week. If you have >5000 followers, you will receive an additional 50% of points. No fake or spam accounts will be tolerated. We will validate your accounts using TwitterAudit. Duplicated or inappropriate tweets/retweets are not counted. Also, Zilliqa status/maintenance tweets such as will not be counted.

GO TO “How to Participate” section below to see instructions on how to participate

We target to have:

** 5,000 Twitter followers

** 5,000 Slack members

** 1,000 Medium followers

** 5,000 Telegram members

IMPORTANT: If we reach the above social media goals, we will increase our allocated bounty by 50% to USD 30,000 (equiv. ZILs).

3. Active-Supporter Award — Higher Individual Contribution Cap

If you are interested in reserving a higher individual cap for Zilliqa’s public sale, please indicate your desired contribution by filling in the form To be eligible for this award, you need to either be an active participant in our Slack/Telegram groups or participate in any of the above bounty programs. We will try to accommodate as many early supporters as we can, so please email us as soon as possible. However, we reserve full discretion in granting, adjusting, or rejecting such requests.

How to participate

1. Check your eligibility according to the Disclaimer below.

2. Fill in the registration form.

3. Follow the following instructions

  • Twitter :
    Upon filling in the form, the user must dm (direct message) “zilliqabounty” Twitter with the following string,
“This is to verify my twitter account. My eth address is <your actual eth address>”
  • Slack:
    Upon filling in the form, the user must dm (direct message) “zilliqabounty” on Slack
“This is to verify my slack account. My eth address is <your actual eth address>”
  • Telegram:
    Upon filling in the form, the user must dm (direct message) “zilliqabounty” on Telegram
“This is to verify my Telegram account. My eth address is <your actual eth address>”

Any mismatch between the submitted information in Google Docs and the various social media accounts may result in disqualification or withholding of bounty payouts (at the Zilliqa team’s discretion)._

Due to jurisdiction constraints, US persons and residents of UK, China (except Hong Kong) and Japan are not eligible to participate in this bounty program. You confirm you do not belong to any of these categories, and you also agree to avoid marketing Zilliqa’s token offering to any such persons/entities.

For legal requirements, please note that KYC will be required before tokens are awarded at a later stage. We seek your kind understanding in fulfilling KYC requirements.

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