Announcing the third wave of Zilliqa Ecosystem Grant awardees

Following the successful launch of our mainnet, we’ve begun refocusing our efforts towards our developer community and the next generation of blockchain talent. Through our participation in initiatives such as Future of Blockchain, our recent launch of Blockchain A-Z, and our participation in dev-focused events such as ETHDenver and SF Developer Week, we’ve been able to engage with our community members (both old and new) in a much more meaningful way.

That being said, we have always believed that the strength of a blockchain protocol lies in the community that continues to both support and propel it forwards. Without your help, we would not be where we are today. As a testament to this, our Zilliqa Ecosystem Grant programme serves as both a creative outlet for our community members as well as a way for us to support you in your endeavours of bringing innovative ideas to life.

We are extremely grateful for these outstanding teams who have been working tirelessly over the past few months in order to ensure that their products could launch alongside our mainnet. These teams stepped up to the plate despite the nascency of our network and have championed an open-source ethos as they build tools that everyone can use for free.

In knowing that there still exists unwavering passion burning in the hearts of the #BUIDLer community, we are optimistic about the future of this industry and the road ahead, as we look to make the widespread adoption of public blockchains a reality. Without further ado, we are thrilled to introduce you to the third wave of the Zilliqa Ecosystem Grant awardees!

The Third wave of awardees

#1Category: Tools and LibrariesAwardee Project name: Moonlet wallet v2.0Awardee Team name: MoonletBrief Description:Moonlet v2.0 is a blockchain agnostic, open-source cryptocurrency wallet that allows individuals to handle multiple accounts, integrate with their Ledger Nano S hardware device, send/receive native ZILs, and also interact with smart contracts on the Zilliqa blockchain. Moonlet wallet offers an extension app for Google Chrome.Github Repository:
#2Category: Tools and LibrariesAwardee Project name: xZIL Android walletAwardee name: Dan AndreiBrief Description:xZIL is an open-source Android wallet that allows individuals to handle multiple accounts and send/receive native ZILs on their Android devices.Github Repository:
#3Category: Tools and LibrariesAwardee Project name: ZILMinerAwardee name: Gully ChenBrief Description:ZILMiner is an Ethash GPU mining worker that supports Zilliqa’s Proof-of-Work process. It is a fork of ethminer that includes several additional features and add-ons which are unique to Zilliqa’s mining processes.Github Repository:
#4Category: DappsAwardee Project name: Atomic swap for Fungible tokensAwardee team name: KOFOBrief Description:Atomic swap for Fungible tokens is a native Android application that allows users to do an atomic swap between an ERC20 fungible token and a Zilliqa-based fungible token.Github Repository:
#5Category: Tools and LibrariesAwardee Project name: Viewblock APIAwardee team name: AshlarBrief Description:Viewblock API is a complete suite of developer-friendly APIs and tools. It provides hassle-free, reliable and realtime API services to developers looking to build applications on top of the Zilliqa blockchain.Website:
#6Category: Tools and LibrariesAwardee Project name: Composite Smart Contract EditorAwardee team name: CompositeBrief Description:Composite is an IDE that supports the full edit-debug-deploy development cycle, and offers the unique one-click toolchain dependency update and install.Github Repository:
#7Category: Tools and LibrariesAwardee Project name: LaksaJAwardee team name: FireStack-LabBrief Description:LaksaJ is a Java SDK that serves as a Web3 library for developers.Github Repository: Tools and LibrariesAwardee Project name: LaksaCsharpAwardee team name: FireStack-LabBrief Description:LaksaCsharp is a C# SDK that serves as a Web3 library for developers.Github Repository:
#9Category: Tools and LibrariesAwardee Project name: LaksaRubyAwardee team name: FireStack-LabBrief Description:LaksaRuby is a Ruby SDK that serves as a Web3 library for developers.Github Repository:

Ecosystem Grant Programme Updates

As we continue to march onwards, we wanted to share some recent updates we’ve made to the grant programme structure. We’ve created three defined tracks in order to better engage with and guide developers and teams who are interested in building on Zilliqa.

Zilliqa Ecosystem Grant’s new streaming system
  • Infrastructure track. This track is for #BUIDLers looking to create open-source development tools, SDKs, mining toolkits or base layer applications (Wallet/Explorer/Analytic tools etc). The goal of this track is to improve on the infrastructure of our ecosystem in order to make it a much more user-friendly environment for Users and Developers alike
  • Innovation track. This track is for Entrepreneurs who wish to create decentralised applications (dApps) on the Zilliqa blockchain. dApps include but are not limited to innovative protocols for tokenizing assets, mandating credit issuance, or issuing stablecoins. dApps can also be gaming, news curation, or reputation apps that require a secure but scalable ledger to keep track of all changes
  • Research track. This track is for Researchers looking to work alongside Zilliqa Research in order to tackle some of the most pressing issues in the industry today. Research topics include but are not limited to cryptography, consensus design, scalability, and privacy

By way of this new streaming system, we hope to be able to scale the grant programme further as we look to working with wider audiences outside of the immediate blockchain industry.

As always, feel free to get in touch with the team via our ecogrant channel on Gitter if you have any questions. We’re excited to see what you’ll all come up with!