Announcing the second wave of Zilliqa Ecosystem Grant awardees

We believe that a blockchain protocol cannot succeed without a talented community looking to build on it. That’s why we started the #BuildonZIL program — to seek out talented individuals and teams to build on our protocol.

As we make progress with our first wave of awardees, we are continuously amazed by their level of rigor and support, and we continue to be fully committed to working closely with them to bring their ideas into reality. And after weeks of rigorous selection and conversation, we are thrilled to announce the second wave of the Zilliqa Ecosystem Grant awardees!

The theme for this second wave is User and Developer experience. Blockchains aren’t always very intuitive to use, and onboarding can be difficult for people new to the space. This has always been a pain point in the industry and one reason why adoption is low. Thus, we have decided to commit this wave of grants to projects looking to improve Zilliqa’s ease of development and user experience.

Ecosystem Grant Programme Status

Distribution of Grant Projects by categories
Distribution of talents within the Ecosystem Grant Programme

We’ve put together a visual summary of the distribution of our grants so far, to give our community better transparency on the types of projects we have been funding. We are incredibly excited by how our program has been able to bring together a very diverse crowd from all over the world to help build the Zilliqa ecosystem with us.

Although our focus so far has primarily been on the tools and libraries needed to make Zilliqa easy to build on and use, we will focus our grants on more user-facing areas like dApps and Education in future waves of the #BuildonZIL programme.

Second Wave Awardee List

#1Category: Wallet
Awardee Project name: Moonlet
Awardee Team name:

Brief Description:Moonlet is an open source cryptocurrency (Chrome extension/Web) wallet that allows individuals to send/receive native ZILs, and also interact with smart contracts on the Zilliqa blockchain.

Github Repository:

#2Category: Wallet
Awardee Project name: Zilliqa Ledger Wallet
Awardee Team name: CryptoAeon

Brief Description:Zilliqa Ledger Nano S Wallet is a hardware wallet that allows individuals to sign and verify Zilliqa transactions with the popular hardware device. The wallet will support native tokens as well as other fungible/non-fungible tokens.

Github Repository:

#3Category: Block Explorer
Awardee Project name: Viewblock
Awardee Team name: Ashlar

Brief Description:ViewBlock is an adaptive block explorer focused on user-experience.

Explorer URL:

#4Category: Block Explorer
Awardee Project name: ZilBlocks
Awardee Team name: Datagazer + Quantlife

Brief Description:A slick and modern block explorer that allows user to easily see their transaction history and address balances.

Github Repository:

#5Category: Developer tools
Awardee Project name: Muer Framework
Awardee Team name: Appberry

Brief Description:Muer is a Truffle-like framework for developers who wish to create, test, deploy and migrate their smart contracts on the Zilliqa networks.

Github Repository:

#6Category: Developer tools
Awardee Project name: C++ Core protobuff support
Awardee name: Robin Thomas

Brief Description:This support will feature protobuf and RPC features to alleviate the load on processing transactions and support events on the smart contract layer.

Github Repository:

#7Category: Developer tools
Awardee Project name: Cocos SDK
Awardee name: Nguyen Khanh Phuong

Brief Description:Cocos2d client side integration for Zilliqa Platform.

Github Repository:

#8Category: Developer tools
Awardee Project name: Learn-Scilla
Awardee name: Noel Yoo

Brief Description:An interactive tutorial for people to learn Scilla, Zilliqa’s smart contract language, through a gamification process.

Github Repository:

#9Category: User tools
Awardee Project name: Zilliqa Naming Service
Awardee Team name: UnstoppableDomains

Brief Description:The Zilliqa Naming Service allows users to have human readable names, like yourname.zil, to send and receive cryptocurrency.  No more copy-pasting of long crypto addresses - just share your name!

Github Repository:

Apply for Early Access:

#10Category: User tools
Awardee Project name: UI/UX for Zupreme
Awardee Team name: Open Zesame

Brief Description:Grant awardee Patryk Konopacki is joining Alexander Cyon’s iOS Wallet project Zupreme as a UI/UX designer. The extended scope will make the Zupreme iOS wallet more intuitive for its users.

Github Repository:

#11Category: User tools
Awardee Project name: ZDEX
Awardee name: Karim Helmy

Brief Description:ZDEX is a decentralized exchange for fungible tokens on the Zilliqa platform, drawing inspiration from Uniswap.

Github Repository:

Target Areas for Third Wave

These are the kinds of projects we are actively looking to fund for our third wave of ecosystem grants.


  1. Layer 2 Solution (for gaming)

Gaming SDKs

  1. Unity SDK
  2. Laya SDK


  1. Atomic Swap


  1. REPL for Scilla


  1. WASM Compiler
  2. Wrapper for ECDSA signatures in C++
  3. Wrapper for Pairing in C++
  4. Transpiler from Solidity to Scilla


  1. Mining OS like ethOS