Announcing the First Zilliqa Ecosystem Grant Awardees

Recently, we announced our #BuildonZIL Ecosystem Grant Programme, a grant programme to encourage teams and developers to contribute to our new, scalable, secure, and truly decentralized blockchain application infrastructure. When we launch our mainnet, we intend to have an ecosystem of applications running on Zilliqa that will support enterprises as well as end consumers.

We are thankful for the support of our community throughout our journey so far and are heartened by the number and quality of applications we have received so far.

We believe that the true strength behind a blockchain protocol is its community. The community’s involvement through the grant programme will ensure that the necessary development tools, frameworks and libraries will be in place to drive the development of new “killer applications” that will be built on our platform in the future. Today, we are happy to share the first batch of Zilliqa Ecosystem Grant awardees that have been chosen after weeks of rigorous selection and active conversations.

At Zilliqa we are committed to building a flourishing ecosystem and while we push ahead on our mission to deliver a scalable and secure blockchain, we are thrilled that the following 12 projects/developers will also be working alongside us to build infrastructure and also new applications on Zilliqa.


  1. Web3.js by FireStack

What it is: Web3.js is a collection of libraries which will allow you to interact with a local or delegated Zilliqa node.

Public Repo:

2. Web3.go by Ginco

What it is: Go version of Web3 libraries

Public Repo:


  1. Swift Wallet by Alexander Cyon

What it is: An iOS wallet for sending/receiving ZIL native tokens and interacting with smart contracts

Public Repos:

2. A Secure Multi-party Computation (SMPC) Protocol Wallet by Kzen Networks (Ouriel Ohayon, Omer Shlomovits, Tal Be’ery, Gary Benattar)

What it is: A wallet based on applying Secure Multi-party Computation to distribute key generation and transaction signing to multiple parties with no change to the Zilliqa protocol

Public Repo:

3. Unity Wallet by Jonas Jia

What it is: A Unity3D gaming engine wallet for game developers to utilise in order to create blockchain-based games

Public Repo:


  1. Browser Extension by Greenrain (Qaidjohar Jawadwala and Patil Kailas)

What it is: A Chrome Web extension for sending/receiving ZIL native tokens and interacting with smart contracts on the Zilliqa blockchain

Public Repo:

2. Web Extension by Appberry

What it is: A Chrome Web extension for sending/receiving ZIL native tokens and interacting with smart contracts on the Zilliqa blockchain

Public Repo:


  1. Smart contract libraries by Merkalize

What it is: A repository of reusable smart contracts for smart contract developers to utilise in their dApp development

Public Repo:

Scilla Language Server

  1. Scilla Language Server implementation ( by Deblock

What it is: A language analyzer for Scilla that enables code completion/hover/diagnostics etc., for your favorite IDE

Public Repo:


  1. EMONT Frenzy by EMONT Alliance

What it is: A decentralised underwater game where players enter as fish to collect tokens and battle with others

Public Repo:

2. The World of Swordsmen

What it is: Relive the ancient Chinese dynasty as warriors in this fantasy MMORPG game. Collectibles like secret manuals and weapons are tradeable in tokenized form and your legacy is etched forever on the Zilliqa blockchain.

Public Repo:

Other Applications

  1. BTCT Futures by Swingby

What it is: A cross-chain protocol for BTC Token issuance on the Ethereum network and Zilliqa network. Zilliqa’s smart contracts to be utilised to fully support Swingby’s Futures contracts and atomic swaps.

Public Repo:

These applications are the first set of projects that will be participating in the Ecosystem Grant program. If you or a team or a person you know would like to build an application or wish to explore how you can implement your idea on Zilliqa, do reach out to us on Gitter

As always, to learn more about Zilliqa or to discuss technical aspects of the project, feel free to connect with us through any of our official channels below:






Gitter: (Dev-related topics including the Ecosystem Grant)