Announcing the eleventh wave of ZILHive Grants awardees!

Committed to nurturing the projects that have emerged from the Incubator to bring Zilliqa to the masses, ZILHive welcomed the most promising innovations to further aid them in their growth with the Grants programme.

Announcing the eleventh wave of ZILHive Grants awardees!

Introducing our 11th Wave of ZILHive Grantees

Greetings everyone,

Earlier this year, ZILHive launched our first-ever Incubator programme which saw great success. The 14-week programme brought together 44 blockchain enthusiasts, both developers and industry professionals, and equipped them with support to launch their own ideas on the Zilliqa protocol. Committed to nurturing the projects that have emerged from the Incubator to bring Zilliqa to the masses, ZILHive welcomed the most promising innovations to further aid them in their growth with the Grants programme.

For those involved in Zilliqa’s community and ecosystem, several names below might be familiar to you — as many of them are also involved with our ongoing ZILHive Accelerator, which was announced on media outlets such as Tech In Asia. We are incredibly excited to be part of their growth and look forward to their showcase at the Accelerator Demo Day in early January of 2022.

We present the latest wave of grantees and are thankful for them for their part in enriching our ecosystem.

Wave 11 Grantees

  1. Invopay: An invoice financing platform on the Zilliqa protocol. The platform will help SMEs speed up cash flow by reducing payment terms from 90-days to 1-day, and allow investors easy access to earn attractive yields by depositing stablecoins.
  2. HeyAlfie: A smart dashboard application for crypto users to manage, invest and borrow digital assets all in one place. Specifically, users can connect multiple wallets to the platform for portfolio management, perform transactions with connected decentralised applications (staking, DEXes etc.) and borrow at no interest, enabled through collateralising their staked assets on the platform’s seed nodes and a debt token to identify borrower’s wallets.
  3. Blueprint: A crowdfunding platform that allows for the exchange of asset-backed NFTs from fundraising projects with stablecoin funding from backers. The platform will also feature a democratic voting system for the vesting schedules of associated received funding, and a social media element for user interaction on the platform to cultivate a healthy fundraising ecosystem.
  4. Jaga (Coming soon!): An open-source decentralised protocol that allows users to borrow and lend Zilliqa assets at low transaction fees, high speed and attractive interest rates. Jaga will also offer both credit scoring and credit delegation features for users, alongside a utility token that can be used for gamified activities including NFT collectables, binary options and lotteries on the platform.
  5. Goji (Coming soon!): A FinTech application that provides easy access to DeFi services on Zilliqa as users complete financial literacy modules. Serving as a one-stop access point to Zilliqa’s ecosystem, users will unlock functional existing DeFi services within the application upon completion of microlearning courses, allowing for a well-informed audience to earn, buy, send, sell, transfer, stake, hedge, insure, borrow, lend and provide liquidity for crypto assets.
  6. Green Beanz: An application that allows businesses to mint either Green Beanz tokens or branded NFTs to incentivize eco-friendly behaviour for their customers. The rewarded tokens will be available for use in an online game, and businesses can benefit from CSR data and reporting functionalities available on the application.
  7. Bizchain 2.0: Improvements to the Bizchain platform, a decentralised customer data network that offers lightweight CRM tools for SMEs. Businesses will be able to search and export data for various purposes such as research, analytics and digital marketing, and users will be incentivised to onboard on the platform through a ZRC-2 $BIZ token, which can be used to unlock premium services within the application
  8. Cerchia (Prediction Market): Development of an on-chain prediction market on Cerchia, allowing users to hedge against or monetise their information on reliable forecasts on crucial real-world indicators such as natural hazards, price indices and ESG scores.
  9. MustPool: A decentralised pooling solution on Zilliqa for yield optimization. As a prize-linked savings game application, users can deposit principle safely at no loss and participate in games such as lottery pools to win prizes. MustPool aims to further include more innovative features such as allowing the pool deposit age and randomly generated NFT cards that contribute to better winning odds.
  10. Access: An application that uses non-fungible tokens for ticketing for events, allowing organisers complete control over distribution as well as combating secondary market fraud.

The twelfth wave of ZILHive Grants is now open for applications!

The next wave of ZILHive Grants has been filling up fast and will conclude by the end of 2021. Join us, whether you are a developer, entrepreneur or researcher, as we continue to build a vibrant and engaging ecosystem with Zilliqa!