Zilliqa wraps up token swap

98.3% of interim tokens were exchanged for native $ZIL, which can now be used for transactions, by DApps on the Zilliqa blockchain, and as gas fees

98.3% of interim tokens were exchanged for native $ZIL, which can now be used for transactions, by DApps on the Zilliqa blockchain, and as gas fees

Greetings all,

With the Zilliqa token swap officially closed as of 15 February 2020, we have fully transitioned into our native platform.

So let’s get straight down to the facts you’ve been waiting for. We have swapped approximately 98.3% of all 12.6 billion interim tokens (ERC20 ZIL) to mainnet $ZIL. As such, 213,272,942.183558446345 unswapped ERC-20 tokens will be frozen, accounting for less than 1.02% of the maximum supply of $ZIL. Frozen tokens cannot be transferred or used in transactions, and can be considered to be ‘out of the circulating supply’. The corresponding mainnet tokens will be stowed away rather than destroyed in the short term, in order to meet requirements of any future audit or regulatory compliance checks. They will however, remain defunct.

How did we fare in comparison with other protocols?

  • ICON — ERC20 ICX token swap closed at 96.00%
  • MediBloc — ERC20 MEDX token swap closed at 96.42%
  • Eximchain — ERC20 EXC token swap closed at 99.98%
  • EOS — ERC20 EOS token swap closed at 99.70%

Before our token generation event in 2018, we had flagged to all early contributors and potential holders that Zilliqa would be built as an interim token — ERC 20 ZILs — which would then need to be swapped for mainnet ZIL after its launch. Thereafter, we introduced token swap in April 2019 (post the mainnet launch) and then announced the final deadline in November 2019. Zilliqa has since made consistent efforts to frequently share announcements and reminders about the token swap deadline of 15 February 2020 on our website, our mailing list and via all our social media and community channels (Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, Blockfolio, Medium). We also offered daily support for queries via our official Telegram channel.

We’d like to thank Binance, KuCoin, Huobi, Coinhako, and all other partners without whose support the swap would not have been possible. We’d also like to thank each and every community member who took the time to read our numerous announcements and recommendations, and re-share it among their own networks as a valuable reminder.

Welcome to the mainnet $ZIL platform! Here are some things to keep in mind if you’re a:

  • Token Holder: Remember to store your tokens on a secure wallet that supports $ZIL and NEVER reveal your private key or mnemonic to anyone. A quick tip: one way of guaranteeing that you have successfully completed the token swap is checking your mainnet ZIL wallet address, which should start with `zil1` when you have mainnet tokens
  • Miner: Interested in mining $ZIL? Visit https://github.com/Zilliqa/Zilliqa/wiki/Mining to learn more
  • Developer: Zilliqa offers resources such as tooling and mentorship, a knowledge-exchange forum on Discord and software development kits (SDKs) if you’d like to #BuildOnZIL. You may even be eligible to participate in the ZILHive Grants programme if your idea is innovative and promising! Visit https://zilliqa.com/developers to learn more

For further information, please contact us on: