Congratulations to ZILHive’s eighth wave grant awardees!

The ZILHive Grants programme is continuously on the lookout to seed a greater variety of use cases, research and projects to #BuildonZIL.

Congratulations to ZILHive’s eighth wave grant awardees!

Greetings everyone,

We are pleased to announce the 10 new projects that were chosen to be part of the 8th wave of the ZILHive Grants programme. In this round, we have had a unique mix of innovators building on the Zilliqa platform, further diversifying the variety of dApps and projects within our ZILHive ecosystem. Our global presence also remains strong, with our new ecosystem members originating across the North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific regions.

Wave 8 Grantees

  1. Frontier: Integration of $ZIL and extended support for Zilliqa’s staking activity on Frontier’s mobile interface.
  2. Zilottery: A lottery allowing for unsophisticated players to place bets by sending $ZIL directly to a smart contract, driven by a monitor service that calls the draw function once the lottery is full, thereby acting as an oracle for the required randomness.
  3. RoboUniCats: An MMORPG that integrates with the Zilliqa blockchain through the creation of ZRC-1 NFTs as in-game characters and items.
  4. Pillar: Protocol for collateral-backed stablecoin soft pegged to USD on Zilliqa.
  5. Cerchia: Cerchia allows for automated parametric event risk payouts with smart contracts, facilitated by oracles bridged to specific trigger indices.
  6. Blockchain Use Cases in Madhya Pradesh: Market research on the use cases and best practices on blockchain in the state of Madhya Pradesh in India, relating to land registry, eVoting and decentralised governance.
  7. Equitize: An equity-based crowdfunding platform on Zilliqa for angel investors, retail investors and startups to invest and fundraise with security token offerings, as a capstone project by students from the Singapore University of Technology and Design.
  8. Bizchain: A blockchain-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform on Zilliqa to allow for the streamlining of workflows such as managing leads and tracking of sales pipelines.
  9. Carbon Proofs: A proof-of-existence system built on Zilliqa and IPFS, Carbon Proofs will facilitate notarisation of documents and allow users to prove they had access to (and control of) any digital file at a certain point of time.
  10. Bolt: Bolt X will integrate ZILSwap, allowing users to swap on-the-go. Bolt X will also implement a new leaderboard feature to track swap activity and conduct co-marketing with Zilliqa to drive user adoption.

Calling all innovators!

The ninth wave of ZILHive Grants is now accepting applications!

The ZILHive Grants programme is continuously on the lookout to seed a greater variety of use cases, research and projects to #BuildonZIL. If you are eager to join on the frontlines of Zilliqa’s ecosystem development with ZILHive, we invite you to pitch your idea or project for the Grants programme using the above link!

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