Zilliqa Community Update 9 July 2019

We start off this week’s update with an key updates on token swap, in response to some of the most pressing queries on Telegram.

Zilliqa Community Update 9 July 2019

Greetings everyone,

We start off this week’s update with an key updates on token swap, in response to some of the most pressing queries on Telegram. We have also shared some exciting community projects highlights from Unstoppable Domains and Krypton. Given our commitment to driving the accelerator programme, ZIL Hive — we share some tips that will help all the developers, visionaries, entrepreneurs out there to better shape their project and apply!

Token Swap Update

Binance will support another token swap for Zilliqa, converting ERC20s into mainnet ZILs. This second round will take place on 10th July.

This process is transparent to token holders. This trench of swap is expected to be around 1.5 billion Zilliqa token. Hence, you may notice ~1.5 billion tokens moving from Binance wallet to Zilliqa incinerator.

For tokens holder, the token swap process remains the same. As a refresher:

  1. Deposit ERC20 interim ZILs on the exchange (listed below)
  2. Get native ZILs in return when withdrawing from the exchange

Current exchanges that are supporting token swap on a continuing basis:

We are currently coordinating with and providing technical support for token swap to the following list of exchanges:

  • Bitfinex/Ethfinex
  • Bittrex
  • Coinbase
  • Gopax
  • Huobi

Application Tips for ZIL Hive: Back to the Basics

When applying for any grant, it is crucial to consider some key elements that would apply to any business or project proposal. The more you are able to balance these and make a strong case — both from the technical and business perspective, the more likely it is that we will be persuaded and inspired to invest in you. It is always worthwhile receiving a refresher on the below points (albeit basic) because including these elements (though not necessarily in this framework) will make for a much more robust proposal.

  • WHYWhy is this a relevant project? To the industry, to us, and the world? Why does it resonate with you? “Why now”What features of your business, if relevant, addresses a pressing/contemporary business or social need?
  • WHATWhat are you trying to achieve or solve? What are your core objectives? What does your roadmap look like? What is the project’s overarching ambition? How does it include a key theme of the grant if applicable? (For example, in the case of ZIL Hive, it is innovation).
  • HOWHow will you achieve this on a public blockchain? How will your project create measurable change in the industry, within a specific process, or address? How will you define and evaluate outcomes of success and growth?
  • WHO — Who are the stakeholders? How many people, groups or communities will this affect?
  • WHY US Why are you applying for incubation with Zilliqa and LongHash?

In addition to the above, here are some recommendations:

  • Make your application comprehensive, yet clear. Make sure you have a mission and a vision which clearly articulates your thinking, approach and your unique value proposition
  • If you’re stumbling or have hit a roadblock along the way, consult experts, enthusiasts or mentors you may have come across — whether it is a peer, a business leader, a university professor or researcher — anyone who is passionate about the same topic(s). Getting an alternate point of view is invaluable, and often helps entrepreneurs streamline their own projects
  • We would also recommend asking yourself the toughest and most critical questions about the project, its feasibility and its sustainability (financial and otherwise). This will prepare you for the kind of questions you will have to answer during Demo Day

And finally, for further questions, please reach out to [email protected] or visit https://longhash.com.sg/program

Community Updates

Unstoppable Domains Goes live with .zil Auction Today!

Domains names will now be distributed to those who those who pre-ordered domain names, and will officially go live on the chain. Once domains go live, you will be able to use your .zil domain for payments with our first supporting wallet Moonlet. The domain listing service will be deployed on the first week of August with a target go-live date of August 7th. For more details on the next phase of the auction, which kicks off on 22 August, visit this page.

New Version of SuperPlayer Now out!

Blockchain gaming platform Krypton has released a new version of SuperPlayer, which includes optimised features. Here’s a peek below:

Zilliqa in the News

Our President and Chief Scientific Officer Amrit Kumar recently spoke with BlockTV to share more about the launch of smart contracts on our network, our exciting foray into the payments space with Xfers, as well as recent developments in the wider industry.
“We need collaboration from multiple parties, not just Mindshare and Zilliqa, but all the different parties involved in programmatic advertising, as well as the regulators”. Our Application Lead Edison spoke with Tim Cross of Video Ad News, reflecting on some of the existing challenges in blockchain implementation and the learnings gleaned from our PepsiCo campaign with Project Proton in the advertising industry.
“Simplicity is the greatest sophistication”. Quoting one of the great Italian Renaissance masters, our Co-Founder Max speaks with CryptoBeadles on the beauty but most of all, the importance of translating blockchain and the value of the technology to the masses.
Our Application Lead Edison caught up with Michelle Renee of In4ormative Services a few months ago at Consensus: New York and spoke about what exactly sets Zilliqa apart from other projects in the space.

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